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Qantas’ massive sale on over 700,000 fares

Qantas’ massive sale on over 700,000 fares

Recently, Qantas announced price reductions on more than 700,000 flights around Australia.

The promotion begins today and lasts until May 16 for travel between mid-July and mid-December of this year.

With flights from Sydney to Ballina starting at $99, now might be an excellent time to make a reservation if Byron Bay has been on your travel radar.

Another option for travellers is to purchase a one-way ticket from Perth to Melbourne for $299.

If you’re travelling from Brisbane to Sydney, tickets start at $139.

The deal happens right before Mother’s Day.

A Qantas spokeswoman told, “We know people are thinking about connecting with family this weekend.”

There are more than 700,000 fantastic value flights to help bring the family back together, whether you’re searching for a last-minute present for mother or arranging a catch-up later in the year. is aware When purchasing the sale fares at, Covid credits that were earned during the pandemic may be applied.

It comes after the airline recently gave passengers an additional 12 months to fly by extending the trip expiry date for Covid credits.

A real-life reunion between an Australian mother and her son who lives abroad after four years separated due to the pandemic is featured in the newest installment of Qantas’ “Feels like Home” campaign, which was unveiled in conjunction with the sale.

The 60-second advertisement, which will debut on May 14 across TV, cinema, video, and outdoor platforms in time for Mother’s Day, will run until the end of June.

At her 60th birthday celebration in rural Victoria, ‘the mum and son finally got a hug, and the responses are real’, a Qantas statement said. ‘The touching moment was caught in real time, and the feelings are true’.

Martha Marlow, an Australian singer, performs Randy Newman’s Feels Like Home as the narrative is being presented.

The Feels Like Home ad by Qantas, which debuted in 2014, is renowned for portraying actual Australians and actual staff members.

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