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Qatar's breathtaking natural scenery.

Qatar’s breathtaking natural scenery.

The breathtaking nation of Qatar is home to some amazing natural treasures that are sure to renew and revitalise visitors. While the breathtaking coastline, astounding cultural sites, and cutting-edge architecture are at their best, travellers seeking a respite from the city may discover the abundance at some of the most famous and well-known locations across the nation.

Here is a list of things to do and places to visit in Qatar to get back in touch with nature and take in the beautiful scenery.

Internal Sea: Khor Al Adaid

Khor Al Adaid, popularly known as the “Inland Sea,” is a stunning location where the sand dunes meet the coasts of the sea. It is a UNESCO-recognized natural reserve with its own ecology. The Inland Sea is one of Qatar’s top attractions. is enjoyable to drive around, to simply observe, or to simply take in the dunes’ exhilarating 40-meter heights. Spending an afternoon in the desert, dune-bashing, stopping to ride camels along the route, and taking pictures with the nation’s fabled national bird, the falcon, are all great ways for families to make the most of this attraction.

Dune Sand

In Qatar, the sand dunes are a top attraction for both visitors and locals. A leisurely safari and taking in the breathtaking views in the desert are enjoyable.

Mangroves of Al Thakira

Mangroves at Al Thakira offer a unique contrast of flora to the parched environment. Kayaking is a significant enjoyable activity in this spot, which is surrounded by greenery that draws a variety of bird species, including herons and flamingos.
Cave of Dahl Al Misfir

A fascinating, 40-meter-deep gypsum-fibrous cave, the Dahl Al Misfir Cave sometimes emits a phosphorescent glow that resembles the moon. Gypsum crystals that resemble roses, or desert roses, blanket the peninsula as well. The temperature starts to drop as one enters the cave and walks along the trail.

Heenat Salma Farms and North Sarda

Exploring the North Sedra Farm, Qatar’s first agritourism site, is a magical experience for families. The farm has a mini zoo with various animals, including Arabian Oryx, zebra, ostrich, lama, and camels with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to handpick. The farm also sells top-quality Sedra honey produced in-house, in the winters.

Another nature-based event that encourages social interaction and gorgeous vistas is Heenat Salma Farms. The farm attracts eco-conscious, sustainable living and farming enthusiasts who enjoy organic natural produce. Heenat currently grows around 30 different crop varieties, along with organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, honey, and meat.

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