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Resco Systems has been chosen by Exploris Expedition Cruises.

Resco Systems has been chosen by Exploris Expedition Cruises.

Rescompany has been chosen by Exploris Expedition Cruises to supply the onboard digital systems on their first ship, the recently rebuilt MV Exploris One.

Resco will be there to implement Resco’s cutting-edge Inventory System together with comprehensive PMS and POS apps for guests, travelers, and crew. Exploris One, which flies the French flag, was built specifically to navigate the world’s most challenging waterways, particularly those in the polar regions. She is the best vessel for exploring glacial regions in total safety because to her reinforced hull; in fact, she is considered as a global benchmark in this area.

Rescompany Systems Ltd offers shore and ship software solutions that give small and medium-sized businesses access to the same competitive capabilities as major enterprises while making systems accessible and resource-conserving. Resco’s user-friendly technology gives clients an ever-evolving 360 degree view of the customer, from shore to ship and beyond, whether the full software suite of Rescompany is implemented as a stand-alone platform or its component modules are effortlessly integrated with third-party interfaces.

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