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Rwanda's Hosting of the WTTC Global Summit Illustrates Africa's Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Rwanda’s Hosting of the WTTC Global Summit Illustrates Africa’s Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

A noteworthy breakthrough occurred when Francis Gatare, CEO of the Rwanda breakthrough Board, welcomed attendees warmly to Kigali, Rwanda for the 2023 World Travel and Tourism Council Global (WTTC) Summit.

The esteemed visitors, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, President Samia Suluhu of Tanzania, and Vice-President Prosper Bazombanza of Burundi, were cordially welcomed before the address began.

Gatare conveyed his sincere appreciation for these leaders’ steadfast support of the travel and tourism industry. Additionally, he thanked Julia Simpson, Arnold Donald, and the entire WTTC community for selecting Rwanda to host the summit this year.

It was emphasized as a significant accomplishment for Africa because Rwanda hosted the WTTC Global Summit for the first time. This incident demonstrates Rwanda’s and Africa’s steadfast dedication to environmentally friendly travel.

The CEO emphasized how important travel and tourism are to the development of Rwanda’s economy and the promotion of world peace.

All guests received a unique invitation to join in the celebration of the Kwita Izina ceremony’s 20th anniversary, which is set for the following year. It’s a wonderful annual celebration of conservation that includes the endearing custom of naming infant gorillas.

During his speech, Gatare emphasized the event’s significant relevance, the commitment to sustainable tourism, and the critical role that tourism plays in Rwanda’s economy. An additional exciting prospect for the attendees is the invitation to the upcoming conservation festival.

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