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Saudi Arabia’s AlUla reveals new eco-resort AZULIK

Saudi Arabia’s AlUla reveals new eco-resort AZULIK

The opening of a new eco-resort, AZULIK AlUla, has increased the range of accommodations available in AlUla.
The sustainability-focused hotel will have 76 opulent villas when it debuts in 2027.

It is a component of the Journey Through Time (JTT) masterplan created by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU).
Its design respects the environment and is in line with the Saudi Green Initiative, Saudi Vision 2030, and the Sustainability Charter for AlUla.

The AZULIK AlUla Resort is located in the Nabatean Horizon District of JTT, nestled away in a canyon not far from the AlMutadil Equestrian Village construction site and Wadi AlFann, a historic valley that will soon be home to massive outdoor sculptures.

There will include a spa, VIP club, welcoming lounges, all-day dining, and an SFER IK museum in addition to the villas. The resort’s undulating exteriors will use natural materials and fibres woven into numerous layers, with flowing forms inspired by the surrounding sandstone cliffs and ecology.

The AZULIK AlUla Resort will support a relationship with the ecosystem and fauna of the region, preserve surrounding historic rock art inscriptions, and use a natural network of existing streams to feed irrigation and prevent floods.

No private vehicles will be permitted on the land; instead, an all-electric transportation system, horse and camel routes, and hiking paths will be made available for visitors to the area.

The resort, which is run by the premium Mexican company AZULIK and was created by Roth Architecture, will offer opulent lodging for visitors while also benefiting the AlUla neighbourhood economically.

More than 300 new employment will be created once AZULIK AlUla Resort is fully operating. To further stimulate regional economic growth, the majority of operating supplies will be sourced from AlUla and the larger KSA in addition to the local materials and contractors needed for construction.

“AZULIK AlUla is focused on the concept of sustainability and connection with the natural and human heritage surrounding this magnificent property,” stated John Northen, RCU Vice President of Hotels and Resorts. This resort is one of several assets supporting AlUla’s development as a premier destination in accordance with our Journey Through Time master plan, along with its close vicinity to the AlMutadil Equestrian Village and Wadi AlFann, both under development.

“As a tribe, we feel honoured to bring AZULIK’s vision to AlUla,” AZULIK Founder and CEO Roth remarked. We set out on a trip into the lively tradition and culture of AlUla with appreciation and the utmost respect. We begin a project that is both dear to our hearts and consistent with our brand values, rooted in its distinctive natural setting. These are our first steps together, and I have no doubt that we will travel a lovely and interesting journey.

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