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Saudi reveals THE RED SEA's handcrafted luxury.‏

Saudi reveals THE RED SEA’s handcrafted luxury.‏

Saudi Arabia introduces THE RED SEA, a cutting-edge premium travel destination for discriminating tourists. Powered by solar energy, THE RED SEA is a stunning sanctuary of world-class resorts for those who value opulent luxury, exclusivity, and one-of-a-kind experiences in an environment of amazing beauty. It was created by award-winning architects and run by top hospitality brands.

According to Alhasan Aldabbagh, President of Asia Pacific Markets of the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA), “THE RED SEA offers exquisitely designed luxury in a destination that is unlike any other due to its diverse geographic location.” THE RED SEA is home to 200 km of immaculate coastline, the fourth largest barrier reef in the world, breathtaking mountain views, and dormant volcanoes. It is a location rich in natural wonders as well as historical and cultural landmarks, thrilling desert adventures, and water sports. THE RED SEA is also leading the way in regenerative tourism, which aims to improve the economy, society, and environment by going beyond sustainability. THE RED SEA is the ideal destination in many ways.

The Red Sea, an 8-hour trip from East Asia, is a unique collection of low-rise luxury resorts situated on a lovely archipelago of 90 islands covering 28,000 square kilometers. It is situated on the west coast, approximately 500 miles north of Jeddah. One of the planet’s few remaining healthy coral reef ecosystems encircles THE RED SEA. More than 300 different varieties of coral and 280 different species of fish can be found in its lagoon.

THE RED SEA has a separate airport to better meet the demands of affluent travelers. Red Sea International Airport (RSI) has the capability to send luggage straight to the resorts, saving guests from having to go through the standard procedures associated with airport baggage claim. The domestic terminal, which operates flights from Riyadh and Jeddah, opened in September 2023. With any luck, RSI will be finished by 2025.

  • The Red Sea Will Open in Phases

Shura Island (Hub Island) is home to eleven resorts and is a naturally occurring dolphin-shaped hub with a number of lagoons, a marina, an 18-hole championship golf course, and areas for shopping and entertainment.
There are two resorts on the Ummahat Islands: the 90-key St Regis Red Sea Resort and the 82-key Nujuma, A Ritz Carlton Reserve (both are already open).

  • One Sheybarah Island resort

In one of Desert Rock’s inland resorts
Six Senses is the only inland resort at Southern Dunes. Red Sea, Southern Dunes, is open already.
A one million annual visitor cap will be in place to save the local wildlife and plants. Of the ninety-one islands, nine are special protection zones, and only twenty-two are being developed so as not to disrupt important habitats. THE RED SEA is a location with minimal carbon footprint and zero trash to landfill. Boats, seaplanes, and environmentally friendly electric cars are used to convey visitors. THE RED SEA is rapidly fulfilling its promise to increase marine and terrestrial vegetation cover by 30% by 2040. It is also the world’s most popular tourist attraction that runs entirely on solar energy.

  • A Variety of Tailored Experiences

There are several amazing diving locations in THE RED SEA, such as a 300-year-old shipwreck. In addition, it provides opportunities for kayaking and diving around mangrove farms and across coral reefs. Hikes over mountains and valleys and bike rides across old lava fields are examples of inland experiences. Aside from learning how to follow migrating birds with the assistance of knowledgeable local guides, visitors may also discover more about the fauna of the area, which includes Arabian leopards, dugongs, and hawksbill turtles. Discover the rich cultural and historical legacy of AlWajh Old Town. Another option is to go stargazing; THE RED SEA hopes to be recognized as the largest Dark Sky Reserve in the world.

  • Smart Technology Used by Tour Operators

A sophisticated digital destination management system is used by THE RED SEA to facilitate smooth, customized goods and services. The warm coastal environment of THE RED SEA makes it a year-round destination, so tourists may plan and tailor their excursions with virtual concierge services, including organizing custom activities before they arrive.

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