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Several people were hurt when two trains in Scotland collided: police

Several people were hurt when two trains in Scotland collided: police

To Raigmore Hospital, two persons have been transported. The police reported that several further passengers are receiving treatment on-site.

In the Scottish Highlands on Friday, two trains collided at Aviemore Railway Station, injuring a number of passengers, according to authorities.

Police( image): Several people were hurt in a rail collision in Scotland.

A rail accident in Scotland left several people hurt: (Representative image from police

The century-old Flying Scotsman, the first steam locomotive to exceed 100 miles per hour, was one of the affected trains, according to British media.

“Two individuals were sent to Raigmore Hospital. Other passengers are being treated on the scene, and investigations are ongoing, according to a statement from Police Scotland.

According to the statement, the two trains crashed at around 7:00 pm (1800 GMT) in a station 600 miles (965 kilometers) north of London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

An operator of train services in Scotland, ScotRail, announced on X that “we’re currently unable to run any trains through Aviemore station while they work” because “emergency services are responding to an incident on a private railway near the mainline.”

A landslip brought on by heavy rain in August 2020 led a morning train from Aberdeen to Glasgow to derail, killing three persons close to the town of Stonehaven in northeast Scotland.

After acknowledging health and safety violations related to the derailment, the business that owns and operates UK rail infrastructure was hit with multimillion dollar penalties.

Source- Hindustan times

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