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Skyticket launches Japan's first Direct Connection Air Ticket.

Skyticket launches Japan’s first Direct Connection Air Ticket.

Sales via Hawaiian Airlines’ NDC Adventure, Inc., which powers the air ticket reservations website “skyticket,” and Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. have entered into a distribution agreement for “NDC,” a new standard for the sale of air tickets, via direct connection.

The direct NDC connection between the Hawaiian Airlines reservation system and the skyticket reservation system will enable quick confirmation of airfares and seat availability, optimal fares through the NDC connection, and user-specific ancillary services such as upgraded seat selection (for a fee). The system also enables complete reservation automation. It is anticipated that the entirely automated reservation procedure will increase the closing rate and user satisfaction.

With the completion of the agreement with Hawaiian Airlines, the total number of airlines with NDC direct connection agreements has reached five. Adventure, Inc. continues to pursue the implementation of NDC in an effort to provide more convenient and user-friendly services to all of our global customers.

Source: traveldailymedia

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