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STAAH and Archipelago International collaborate

STAAH and Archipelago International collaborate

The biggest privately held hotel management company in Southeast Asia, Archipelago International, has announced a strategic technological relationship with STAAH, a leading cloud-based distribution platform. Archipelago International manages more than 350 hotels and residences in more than 200 locations.

The benefits of STAAH’s cutting-edge online distribution technology will be combined with Archipelago’s mission to run “best in class” properties that surpass the expectations of patrons, owners, and staff members thanks to the tech relationship.

The agreement will help Archipelago’s plug-and-play solution gain traction, generating more leads and income for its clients. The audit and fix method used by Archipelago’s plug-and-play service aims to improve online connectivity for all of its clients and turn every connected channel into a money-making machine. To make this vision a reality, STAAH’s strong and flexible online distribution and booking capabilities will be vital.

“Driving better revenue through automation and innovation has been a core principle for us,” says John Flood, President and CEO of Archipelago International. John Flood, President and CEO of Archipelago International, and Tarun Joukani, Commercial Director of STAAH

“We have always sought out technology partners with strong performance, scalability, adaptability, and user-friendly interfaces. STAAH delivered on all fronts, and we are enthusiastic about the possibilities this relationship opens up for our customers.

Since 1997, Archipelago has earned a solid reputation as a hotel management company with more than 45.000 keys, 350+ hotels, and customers in more than 200 locations around Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Oceania.ASTON, ASTON Collection Hotels, Alana, Huxley, Kamuela, Harper, Quest, Hotel NEO, favehotels, Nordic, and Powered by ARCHIPELAGO are among the company’s several award-winning brands. The organization strives to fulfill its purpose of exceeding guests’ expectations in all of its hotels, fostering employee career growth, and assisting owners in planning, building, and successfully running a “best in class” hotel they can be proud of.

According to Tarun Joukani, Commercial Director – STAAH, “This partnership brings together two aligned visions for the expansion of Archipelago’s customer base into the world of online commerce and the transformation of travel through smarter technology.” The traveler of today is highly tech-savvy and seeks seamless connections from booking to service, according to numerous surveys. We are convinced that by combining Archipelago’s in-depth knowledge of its clients’ demands with STAAH’s cutting-edge digital platform, we will be able to attract more of these travelers to the front doors of Archipelago-managed hotels.

Source- Travel daily

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