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Starlink is implemented by Marella Cruises throughout its fleet.

Starlink is implemented by Marella Cruises throughout its fleet.

With the implementation of Starlink across its whole fleet, Marella Cruises has increased onboard Wi-Fi access. Elon Musk launched SpaceX, a corporation that manufactures satellites and offers internet services for homes and companies as well as the aviation and maritime industries. Starlink is a part of SpaceX that offers these services.

The cruise line’s ongoing quest to develop fresh, creative ways to enhance the experience for both passengers and crew while on board includes the improved internet access, which spans wide geographic areas. The adoption of cutting-edge technology will give passengers and crew a quicker and more dependable way to communicate with loved ones and share their seatime experiences.

“By partnering with this global satellite internet system, we aim to provide the very best to our customers, with high-performing connectivity while at sea,” said Chris Hackney, managing director of Marella Cruises. Whether clients want to stay in touch with loved ones while traveling or respond to a crucial email, we are aware that staying connected is essential. We are very pleased to offer this significant improvement to our whole fleet.

Source- Travel daily


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