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Steep Approach Certification

Steep Approach Certification for London City Airport Operations is granted to Embraer’s E195-E2

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certified Embraer’s E195-E2, the company’s most sophisticated jet to date and a cleaner, quieter next generation aircraft, for steep approach into London City Airport. This accomplishment, which permits airlines to use the E195-E2 at London City Airport (LCY), which is renowned for its difficult approach and short runway, is a noteworthy breakthrough.

Both E2 family members are now authorized for operations from LCY, along with the E190-E2, which obtained Steep Approach certification in 2021. The remarkable noise reduction of the E195-E2 among modern single-aisle aircraft was brought to light during the certification procedure. It provides a much quieter flying experience than the E195 model since it exceeds the severe standards of ICAO’s Chapter 14 regulation. The E195-E2 will assist the locals by reducing noise because its takeoff noise footprint is around 60% less than that of modern jet aircraft, like the E190. The environmental performance of the E195-E2 goes beyond noise reduction. Comparing the aircraft to those of prior generations, the latter produces lower emissions and better fuel efficiency.

Embraer and Pratt & Whitney successfully tested an E195-E2 aircraft in 2022 utilizing 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), which may eventually increase the emissions reduction to 85%.

The E195-E2 made its initial landing at the airport in July 2022 during a test flight. Short-haul travelers prefer LCY, London’s most central airport, which serves both business and leisure travelers and provides easy access to continental Europe. The airport is an essential part of London’s greater connectivity, and a significant share of LCY operations on destinations as varied as Edinburgh and Mykonos are flown by Embraer aircraft, which are specially designed to handle the demands of LCY operations. Aircraft must adhere to the strict noise limits, short runway, and steep approach in order to serve LCY. The present E190 fleet that current airlines operate at LCY may be replaced by the E195-E2.

“The certification of the E195-E2 signifies an exciting new era for London City Airport,” said Alison FitzGerald, Chief Operating Officer of London City Airport. We are excited for our airlines to begin commercial operations of the E195-E2 at London City Airport, as it is a testament to our commitment to work closely with aircraft manufacturers to certify cleaner, quieter, new generation aircraft. Its capacity to handle more passengers while being significantly quieter and more fuel efficient.”

London City holds great significance for Embraer, offering a unique experience in many aspects beyond its well-known 20-minute commute from kerbside to gate, according to Marie-Louise Philippe, Vice President Sales & Marketing and Head of Region for Europe and Central Asia at Embraer Commercial Aviation. With 85% of all aircraft movements occurring at the airport, Embraer aircraft predominate. This is because of the aircraft’s performance, which minimizes weight without requiring the blocking of seats. We are pleased that most airport operations are carried out by Embraer aircraft, which are unparalleled in their ability to manage the harsh conditions of LCY. We eagerly anticipate the E195-E2 joining the fray.

Source- Travel daily

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