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THAI uses the Airbus A320 to operate flights to Yangon and Dhaka.

THAI uses the Airbus A320 to operate flights to Yangon and Dhaka.

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) continues to restructure the company’s and THAI Smile Airways’ aviation business operations. Effective improvements have been made to the aircraft utilisation and fleet efficiency. To meet rising travel demand, the airline route network has also been expanded.  Beginning on July 16, 2023, THAI will use Airbus A320 aircraft to fly on the following routes: Bangkok – Yangon v.v., which was previously served by THAI Smile Airways; and Bangkok – Dhaka v.v. 1. The Bangkok-Yangon direct flight will be operated by Airbus A320 aircraft, offering Silk Class (specially available on A320-operated routes) with a selection of food and beverages to satisfy all passengers’ travel needs and comfort throughout their journey) and Economy Class along with options for in-flight entertainment like e-Reading and short films. 14 flights will be operated each week. Bangkok and Myanmar

The TG301 flight leaves Bangkok at 09:35 and lands in Yangon at 10:35 (local time).

TG303 arrives in Yangon around 18:00 local time after leaving Bangkok at 17:05.

Bangkok – Yangon

TG302 leaves Yangon at 11:25 and arrives in Bangkok at 13:25 (local time).

TG304 leaves Yangon at 19:00 and arrives in Bangkok at 21:00 (local time).Airbus A320 aircraft will operate the Bangkok-Dhaka direct route (TG339/340), increasing the number of weekly flights from three to seven and adding Economy Class service. THAI will entirely operate twice-daily flights from Bangkok to Dhaka using the TG321/322 aircraft, with the following details: Beijing to Dhaka

B777-200ER aircraft are used for flight TG321, which leaves Bangkok at 10:35 and lands in Dhaka at 12:10 (local time).

TG339, a flight operated by an A320, leaves Bangkok at 23:50 and lands in Dhaka at 01:25 (local time).

Flight TG322 from Dhaka to Bangkok takes off at 13:35 local time from Dhaka and lands at 17:00 local time in Bangkok.

TG340, a flight operated by an A320, leaves Dhaka at 02:45 local time and lands in Bangkok at 06:15 local time.

Currently, THAI also uses B777-200ER and A320 aircraft to fly to Delhi, Mumbai, and Dhaka.

Source- travel daily

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