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The best luxury train excursions for fall and winter travel on Instagram

The best luxury train excursions for fall and winter travel on Instagram

Travelers are overcome with longing for the fall and winter seasons when longer days and sunshine give way to amber colors and brisk air. 

According to the Pinterest Predicts index, train travel is expected to make a comeback this year, with “train trip aesthetic” pins surging by a staggering 205%. In light of this, Rant Casino examined Instagram hashtag volumes to determine the most popular luxury train itineraries for the upcoming fall and winter.

The Bernina Express from Switzerland, which takes you through an Italian winter wonderland over the Swiss Alps, is the most Instagrammed luxury journey. There is no way to overlook the breathtaking vistas of the snow-capped mountains with windows covering the full walls of this train. For this icy trek, there are 96,691 hashtags in total. In spite of this, a single adult standard ticket only costs about £56.

Scotland’s Jacobite rail ride, widely famous as the train that carried Harry Potter to Hogwarts, comes in second. There are already 67,168 documented hashtags for this travel, which is ideal for a cozy autumnal ride. An adult standard ticket costs £57.

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With 53,254 hashtagged images to capture the magic, the Bergen Line trip comes in third. The opulent train even searches for the northern lights on lengthy polar evenings as it takes you from Bergen to Oslo.

The Rocky Mountaineer comes in second. 52,508 hashtags were used to describe Canada’s most picturesque train trip, which features panoramic windows that showcase the country’s greatest peaks in all their breathtaking splendor.

The Glacier Express completes the top 5, providing stunning vistas of Switzerland’s snow-covered mountains, deep valleys, and clear lakes. With tickets costing about £152 each, the opulent ride across the alps has been documented 45,710 times on Instagram.

The White Pass and Yukon, which connects Alaska to Canada, comes in at number 10 with a total of 14,500 Instagram posts. This trip is among the most expensive on the list, with prices starting at £115 per participant. If you’re lucky, this train travels nonstop through glacial rivers, waterfalls, and wildlife.

Other well-known train routes include Norway’s Flam Railway (21,229), Thailand’s Death Railway (22,818), and The Blue Train (43,439), which offers some winter sun.

Source- travel daily

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