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The oddest Christmas ever in Vilnius

The oddest Christmas ever in Vilnius

Are you seeking a new location to celebrate Christmas this year? What better way to spend the most delightful time of the year than in Lithuania’s intriguing capital city, which offers some entertaining and unusual things to see and do over the holiday season?

Swaying in front of the Christmas tree

The focal point of the holiday celebrations in Vilnius is the city’s famous Christmas tree. The annual Christmas market is located in Cathedral Square and revolves around the tree. In December, it’s a wonderful and festive place to be, taking in all the sights and sounds of a Lithuanian Christmas.

Vilnius’ Christmas trees are renowned for their distinctive themes and decorations. The show-stopper from the previous year was shaped like a cake, and the design for 2023 is now a mystery.

The Christmas trees in the capital of Lithuania have long been acknowledged as some of the most imaginative in the world.

The lighting of the Vilnius Christmas tree will occur on December 1, 2023.

While incarcerated, serving time at a Christmas market

Visitors can enjoy a truly unusual Christmas market in a former prison in addition to the traditional Christmas market! Instead of housing bad boy convicts, Lukiskes Prison has evolved into one of the city’s most important event venues.

From 1904 to 2019, criminals, political detainees, and exiles completed their sentences. The prison complex remained standing after the Soviet occupation and both World Wars.

It was reinvented, and now it presents a variety of cultural, musical, and artistic activities.

This year, there are holiday markets focused on food on certain dates (7–10 and 14–17 December).

A king’s level of ice skating

The majestic inner courtyard of Valdovu Rumai, the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, will be transformed into an ice skating rink this year, creating yet another novel scenario. Previously, the palace served as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s political, diplomatic, administrative, and cultural hub. Imagine skating over the ice while twirling in the knowledge that you are on historical ground.

According to local tradition, the cookies can predict your future love life. It is stated that if you take a handful and count them, you will find true love or perhaps get married in the upcoming

year if the number is even. How about an odd number? Simply return and make another attempt the following year.

At Liepkalnis Water Storage, there is hot pleasure.

Although it might not seem thrilling at first, this is really great!

A special fire installations show will be on display for Christmas at the city’s old underground water storage, which is now a popular tourist destination.

One for Instagram

There is a fantastic custom in Vilnius where all the neighborhood shops compete for the greatest Christmas decorations. Although it’s fiercely competitive, their efforts have made the city appear magical. Visitors are certain to take some beautiful pictures!

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