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The rebranded and user-friendly website of Good Travel Management is released.

The rebranded and user-friendly website of Good Travel Management is released.

The rebranded Good Travel Management (GTM) company also declares the opening of its user-friendly new website. A key component of GTM’s client-focused strategy and ensuring a simple, user-friendly experience is its newly updated website. The makeover brings GTM’s “retailing” approach to business travel to life by giving clients the chance to curate their trips using a variety of content sources.

GTM emphasizes its distinct position as a travel management business that actually cares about the quality of corporate travel, not just in terms of logistics but as an individualized experience. GTM backs its custom technology with an authentic human touch. The service delivery goes beyond transactional contacts, resulting in travel narratives where excellent attention, precision, and service are not only provided but also woven throughout the voyage.

While providing customized travel management solutions, the redesign also reinforces GTM’s continuous dedication to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. The branding highlights GTM’s dedication to significant social impact, environmental sustainability, and governance while reiterating its adherence to ESG principles.

GTM proudly supports the Matthew Good Foundation, which has given more than £1 million to amazing causes over the past 10 years. GTM has made a commitment to activities that will improve society through the John Good Group’s “Grants for Good” program, which has donated more than £450,000 to domestic and international charities. Additionally, GTM encourages staff members to use paid time off for volunteer work and gives each worker £1,500 a year to donate to a charity of their choice, empowering them to make a difference.

In addition to speaking out in favor of sustainability, GTM will begin operating carbon neutrally in 2022. GTM collaborates with companies like Thrust Carbon and Responsible Futures to give clients accurate CO2 emission statistics, assisting in the creation of eco-friendly travel regulations and promoting environmentally friendly corporate practices. “Unveiling our rebrand and new website is more than just giving Good Travel Management a new look; it’s about our commitment to improving business travel for everyone involved,” says Kevin Harrison, Managing Director of Good Travel Management. Our goal is to simplify travel for our clients while also doing our part to protect the environment and the communities we interact with.

“We’re all in, from our commitment to helping deserving causes to our initiatives to cut carbon footprints. It involves fusing our knowledge with the ideals and technologies that today’s travelers want. Finally, we want our customers to have the assurance that they are traveling wisely, sustainably, and with a crew that actually cares.

Source- Travel daily


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