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The world's ten most inexpensive city getaways for 2023

The world’s ten most inexpensive city getaways for 2023

The City Break Cost Index for 2023 has been reviewed by the travel specialists at Bounce. In order to determine the most reasonably priced locations for your city break in 2023, the team examined 75 of the most well-liked city break destinations from this year, taking into account variables like hotel prices, the cost of a bottle of wine, and one-way transportation rates.

Timisoara has an affordability score of 8.63, making it the most economical city break destination in the world for 2023. In the city, a hotel room runs $105 a night. The average cab fare per kilometer in the city is $0.88, making transportation another incredibly affordable option. It’s understandable why the city was chosen as the 2021 European Capital of Culture.

After falling to second place since 2021, Buenos Aires now stands as the second most cheap city break destination. The city continues to be the lowest place to buy a bottle of wine ($3.35) and the lowest place to buy a one-way local transportation ticket ($0.15). Buenos Aires is not just very inexpensive, but it’s a big, vibrant city with lots to see and do.

Source- Travel daily

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