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Through a strategic codeshare agreement with SAS, Etihad improves connectivity throughout Scandinavia.

Through a strategic codeshare agreement with SAS, Etihad improves connectivity throughout Scandinavia.

Due to the strategic codeshare agreement between Etihad Airways and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), passengers on both airlines will have better connectivity to locations on each other’s networks. 

Customers can purchase a single ticket, check in just once at the beginning of their journey, and have their bags transported all the way to their final destination.

“Our strategic bilateral agreement with SAS, coming after the start of our flights to Copenhagen, allows more seamless travel for our guests from Northern Europe to enjoy Abu Dhabi and to connect with our growing global network, including our expanding destinations in the Indian Sub-Continent, East Asia, Middle East, and Africa,” said Arik De, Chief Revenue Officer at Etihad.

The partnership enables our visitors to travel to places throughout Scandinavia from a single point, including Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Bergen, and Aarhus.By inviting more visitors to our country who enjoy improved travel perks and more priceless experiences, we are strengthening Abu Dhabi’s cultural and economic growth, and this agreement is simply the latest step in that mission.

“We are pleased for the opportunity to introduce a new codeshare agreement with Etihad Airways,” stated Paul Verhagen, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of SAS.With links to India, the Seychelles, Sri Lanka, and other destinations, this agreement increases the options accessible to SAS passengers for trips to Abu Dhabi and beyond. We are devoted to keeping our promise to our consumers to offer smooth travel experiences, thus we will keep improving global connectivity.

The partnership between SAS and Etihad in the Etihad Guest frequent flyer program is strengthened as a result of this arrangement.  Members of EuroBonus and Etihad Guest can earn miles when flying with SAS, and vice versa. This benefit is currently available for all flights on both airline networks.

At the end of December 2023, the codeshare will be fully operational, allowing consumers to make reservations through all of Etihad’s sales channels, including travel agencies and, for travel beginning in January.

Source- Travel daily


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