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To improve operations, TUI Group and IBS Software expand their relationship.

To improve operations, TUI Group and IBS Software expand their relationship.

TUI and IBS Software have a long-standing collaboration to restructure TUI’s IT operations and provide transformational value. All 35+ airline backend systems of TUI are currently maintained by IBS Software, using both legacy and cutting-edge technology stacks.

The Integrated Disposition Planning and Statistics product (IDPS), which manages flight planning and control, crewing and rostering, flight operations, maintenance planning, HR, statistics and reporting across all five of TUI’s airlines, will continue to be owned, operated, and improved by IBS Software as a result of this renewed partnership. In its quest to create a virtual airline and future-proof its airlines by locating economies of scale that bring growth, TUI has identified the IDPS platform as a strategic objective.

“IBS Software is passionate about developing a strategic approach to optimize our Airline IT operations platform, adapting constantly to our business model,” said Isabelle Droll, Chief Information Officer, Holiday Experience and Corporate & Sustainability, TUI. We were able to fully utilize the capabilities of our IDPS system thanks to our partnership with IBS Software and the use of its knowledge in airline operations, business procedures, and technology.

“Our long-term partnership with TUI has been characterized by mutual trust and great service, which has led to the platform’s successful evolution to meet TUI’s changing business needs. With this reaffirmed commitment, we anticipate being a key factor in facilitating TUI’s expansion and success in the constantly changing travel industry, according to Latha Rani, Vice President & Head of Service Delivery at IBS Software.

Source- Travel daily


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