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Together, Arinex and Joyn form The Arinex Group

The largest Australian-owned commercial event management company, Arinex, has been bought by Joyn, a major event technology platform. The united organisation, to be known as The Arinex Group, will concentrate on developing cutting-edge, creative, and technologically driven event experiences all over the world.

With more than 50 years of experience managing a variety of business events, including incentives, special events, and international conferences, Arinex is a well-known global leader in the sector.

Nicole Walker, the CEO of Arinex, will become the Group CEO and a member of the Group Board, while Jordan Walsh, the co-founder and CEO of Joyn, will become the Group Executive Chairman. Tony Ward, a former top executive with Xero, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, is also welcomed by the group as a director.

In expressing her joy at this significant accomplishment, Nicole Walker said, “Arinex’ main aim has always been to architect inspiring experiences. The main reason we have joined forces with Joyn is because the event business needs considerable innovation if we are to continue fulfilling our objective. We can use the top-notch technology to improve the experience for all parties and raise sponsor and delegate involvement over time.

As part of the agreement, Joyn will use the well-known Arinex brand and rename itself Arinex Live. The incorporation of Joyn’s technical expertise into Arinex’s well-known brand is reflected in this new identity. In order to provide a full range of event production services, including technical guidance, content creation, and event production, Arinex Live will keep collaborating with clients all over the world.

Joyn’s main event technology solution, Arinex One, will be rebranded and will continue to service and concentrate on the association sector. Arinex One has been utilised by over 200,000 people across 1000+ events globally. With the release of a new edition of the product in July, Arinex One will keep increasing efficiency for event managers throughout the world.

In describing his outlook for the future, Group Executive Chairman Jordan Walsh said, “Since creating Joyn, our mission has been to allow the future of events. It’s crucial to design distinctive offline encounters and a compelling online environment. We are eager to build on the Arinex company’s unique event experience and established global brand and reputation in the next years.

Later this year, The Arinex Group intends to diversify into machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to boost attendee engagement.

Source- Travel daily

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