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Top cities to visit on your own

Top cities to visit on your own

The newest and fastest-growing travel trend is traveling alone.

Solo travel is no different from any other travel plan in that choosing the ideal place for your vacation involves careful consideration. When choosing where to go on an independent trip, there are many factors to take into account, ranging from what to do to make sure you’ll be safe during your travels.

The best cities for single travelers have been identified in a new Wizz Air study using TripAdvisor evaluations.

Andras Rado, Wizz Air’s Corporate Communications Manager, discussed the study in his remarks.

The advantages of traveling alone are numerous and range from greater geographic freedom to lower travel costs. Naturally, individuals who opt for solo vacations want to be sure that the places they visit offer ample entertainment options. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top cities for single travelers.

We know how important it is to base our ranking on reviews written by previous solo travelers in order to make sure that these cities have the most to offer those traveling alone. “One of the most trustworthy ways for travelers to gain information about the realities of traveling to a destination is through the experiences of other travelers that have been there before,” the author writes.

Let’s examine the cities that placed highest on the podium for lone travelers.

  1. Greece’s Rhodes

Rhodes, a Greek city, ranked #1 with 76% of user ratings from single travelers being 5-star. Of these, 79% of reviews were 5-star, and 73% of reviews were for city-based eateries. The majority of these reviews were for the city’s attractions.

  1. Croatia’s Split

Split, a city in Croatia, came in second, with 73% of reviews from lone travelers being 5-star ratings. Of these, 81% of evaluations were 5-star, and 66% of reviews were for restaurants in Split. The majority of these reviews were for the city’s attractions.

  1. Portugal’s Faro

The Portuguese city of Faro tied for third place with the next entry, with 67% of its ratings from lone travelers being 5-star. Out of these, 74% of the reviews were 5-star, and 59% of the reviews were for restaurants in the city. These evaluations were mostly written about the city’s attractions.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, a Turkish city, tied for third position with Faro, with 67% of reviews from lone travelers rating it as 5-star. Sixty-four percent of the reviewers gave the city’s attractions five stars, and seventy-one percent gave the city’s restaurants the same rating.

5. Italy’s Florence,

Florence, an Italian city, completes the list of the top 5. Sixty-six percent of customer reviews left by lone travelers were five stars. Of these, 71% of the reviews were 5-star, and 61% of the reviews were for restaurants in the city. The majority of these reviews were for the city’s attractions.

According to the survey, Split, Croatia, and Rhodes, Greece, make up the most dreamy cities for lone travelers. These locations had a high number of 5-star ratings from lone travelers in general as well as in particular for their restaurants and attractions; in fact, over 70% of user evaluations on TripAdvisor for both cities’ attractions and restaurants were rated with five stars.

Source- Travel daily

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