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Tourist hot spot erects fence to deter selfie-takers

Tourist hot spot erects fence to deter selfie-takers

A hamlet in Austria has adopted a novel strategy to deal with undesired visitor behaviour.

It appears that desperate times necessitate equally desperate methods, as some individuals simply cannot “Let It Go.”

This week, the Austrian town of Hallstatt, which is thought to have served as the inspiration for the Disney film Frozen, erected a temporary wooden fence to ward off selfie-takers.

Tourists are drawn to the town’s snow-capped mountains, candy-box architecture, and clear waterways.

Although this UNESCO-protected location has a population of less than 800, it may apparently draw up to 10,000 tourists every day.

A 2020 CNN interview with a representative of the Hallstatt tourist board revealed that the organisation intended to “focus on quality tourism in the future.”

And it appears that they are testing a number of other measures as well.

The barrier was a test project that was only up for a short while, but like everything else in this much-discussed community, it has drawn a lot of attention from across the world.

Source: nine

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