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Travel companies drop animal rides in Giza following push from PETA

Travel companies drop animal rides in Giza following push from PETA

Norfolk, Virginia Eight significant travel companies, including a luxury tour operator, the most prestigious jet expedition company in the world, and the largest seller of luxury cruises and tours in the travel agency sector, have agreed not to advertise or sell tickets for exploitative animal rides at the Giza Pyramids after hearing from PETA. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt is under increased pressure from PETA to prohibit all camel rides and horse-drawn carriages at the Giza monument.

Following a recent video exposé from PETA Asia that revealed camels used for rides at the pyramids of Giza and other top Egyptian tourist attractions are beaten bloody, prodded, yanked, tugged by the nose, forced to walk on their knees, and tied up, Scott Dunn, TCS World Travel, Wilderness Travel, Travel Leaders Group, Tauck, Abercrombie & Kent USA, and Artisans of Leisure changed their policies. Some camels are tethered to the backs of vehicles and dragged over the sand by their legs, which are securely fastened to keep them from moving or fleeing. They are sold to be butchered for meat when their bodies are too worn out to be used for rides. The governor of Giza has been encouraged by PETA Asia to look into the dealers who were found to be mistreating camels in light of the results.

According to PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman, “top travel companies across the nation are pulling their ads for camel rides like hot potatoes.” “PETA is applauding these savvy businesses for severing ties with camel abuse, and we’re urging Egyptian authorities to take notice and outlaw these dishonourable rides that hurt animals and annoy tourists.”

As a token of appreciation, PETA and its affiliates will provide each company with delectable vegan chocolates.

Source: traveldailynews

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