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TravelWorks is introduced by Black Sheep Tourism in Australia.

TravelWorks is introduced by Black Sheep Tourism in Australia.

Black Sheep Tourism (Black Sheep) is introducing TravelWorks in Australia, enabling travel businesses in this market to take advantage of the advantages of travel agency accounting and back-office systems.

Trish Shepherd, who founded Black Sheep, is a veteran of the travel industry. PcVoyages, the parent company of TravelWorks, and Black Sheep collaborated to secure the deal.

A tested solution created especially for travel agencies is called TravelWorks.

TravelWorks offers the most recent cloud-based, online mid- and back-office accounting, booking, and marketing software for travel agencies and tour operators, and it has more than 6000 users worldwide.

TravelWorks has been creating and delivering travel technology solutions for more than 30 years, and the company continues to make an annual investment of over $750,000 to make sure that their products are cutting-edge, dependable, and have the highest levels of data security.

Comprehensive accounting, invoicing, reservation management, strategic and operations management, CRM and marketing platform, groups management, corporate travel management, real-time dashboard and reporting, and more are all part of their current technology suite.
Ashley Shepherd
“We founded Black Sheep to help travel businesses harness one of their most important assets, their valuable IP in client and business data,” said Trish Shepherd, founder of Black Sheep Tourism. We quickly realised that the market’s current technology simply wasn’t offering the detailed CRM systems or functionality needed to effectively capture or deliver meaningful customer or sales data or segmentation as we have been assisting business owners to streamline operations and drive new revenue.

“Two years ago, I looked for a travel CRM that could create customised segmented databases for in-house covert marketing using clean customer profile data and searchable travel preferences. TravelWorks was what I discovered. a strong, adaptable, and user-friendly platform for tour operators and travel companies.

“Integrating the appropriate solutions for this market has been our main focus for the past two years. Due to its long history of operation in numerous nations and platform design that takes into account regional needs, TravelWorks stands out from similar businesses. It easily manages multiple currencies and various business structures.

“The market has already overwhelmingly responded positively. Travel agencies keep saying to me, “I wish you were around when Covid was around. The platform saves me time because it is so user-friendly and tracks an entire file history.”

“We are incredibly proud to offer these collections of specialised products to our Australian colleagues in the travel and tourism industry. TravelWorks is the most comprehensive travel technology currently available, as well as the most consultant-friendly, reasonably priced ‘new’ player in our market with a successful track record. Additionally, we offer local tech support and customised training to all of our clients. We work with each business to develop the system that works for them and their consultants because we know that one size does not fit all. The system is fully customizable.

Co-Founder and President of PC Voyages/TravelWorks Jean Corneau continued, “PcVoyages/TravelWorks is thrilled to have partnered with Trish and Black Sheep Tourism to serve Australia.” As in Canada, the United States, and Europe, I am confident that working together, we will succeed in the expanding Australian market.
Source- Travel daily

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