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UAE: DEWA advises consumers to practise safety and consumption-efficiency precautions before travelling

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) urged community members to make sure their residences always adhere to safety regulations, especially before going on vacation or being gone for an extended period of time. To increase the effectiveness of power and water use and to reduce waste, DEWA advised its consumers to adhere to its suggestions and directives.

The DEWA awareness campaign, “Make Smart Summer Choices Your Habit,” includes this. The “Away Mode” element of DEWA’s Smart Living project, which allows residential customers to track their water and power use when they’re not at home, needs to be activated, the company emphasised. Customers on DEWA’s website and smart app can enable this service through their accounts. Additionally, they can choose whether they want to activate email delivery of daily or weekly data.

To prevent leaks and conserve resources, DEWA urges its customers to turn off lights, unhook electrical devices and electronics, use timers for any floodlights in gardens and fences, turn off the water supply, and hire a qualified technician to inspect water connections.DEWA emphasised the need of a qualified technician. In the event of internal building defects, a trustworthy list of technical service providers can be obtained through the DEWA Store on its smart app. Customers may also profit from the special savings offered by DEWA Store.

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