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VFS Global endeavors to enhance accessibility to Passport and Attestation services for Indian people residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

VFS Global endeavors to enhance accessibility to Passport and Attestation services for Indian people residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In order to streamline the passport renewal procedure for Indian nationals living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the Embassy/Consulate of India in KSA has collaborated with VFS Global to coordinate consolidated trips for the collection of passport renewal applications and document attestations from Indian communities residing in remote areas of the central, eastern, and western regions of the Kingdom.

Since 2009, VFS Global has been organizing Consular Camps in the western area, specifically at Bisha, Jizan, Medina, Yanbu, Taif, Mecca, and Najran. Tours of a similar nature are coordinated within the central and eastern regions, encompassing the locations of Sakaka, Arar, Hafr Al Batin, Khafji, Hofuf, Al Quryat, and Wadi Dawasir.

The schedule of tour dates has been officially released, encompassing the time frame from September to December of the year 2023. Indian citizens have the opportunity to submit their applications for passport renewal or document attestation in accordance with the provided instructions.

Prospective candidates have the option to choose the specific service they require: The topics of interest are passport renewal and document attestation.
Please proceed to fill out the online passport application form on the official website of the Government of India, taking into consideration the specific service requested and the corresponding region. Please ensure that you print off a physical copy of the form and affix your signature to it.
To initiate the process, it is necessary for the user to establish a profile on the official VFS Global website. Subsequently, upon completion of the profile creation, the user will be able to create the Appointment Confirmation Letter.
Please proceed to schedule an appointment for the consular camp locations through the web platform.
Please ensure punctual arrival in the consulate camp at the designated time, accompanied by the printed form, requisite supporting papers, and the appointment confirmation email.
The application will be assessed and the documentation will be received by VFS Global directly at the Consular camp. Applicants will be notified of the application process through email or SMS, if they have chosen to receive notifications via SMS.
Since 2009, VFS Global has been offering visa and consular services on behalf of the Government of India in Saudi Arabia. They have established a network of 11 Application Centres throughout various locations in the Kingdom.

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