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VRetreats adds five new luxury Italian hotels to its collection

VRetreats adds five new luxury Italian hotels to its collection

VRetreats is enriched with five new hotels in iconic and strategic locations in Italy: a result that underscores the development of the collection, which has always been dedicated to art, history, and culture aficionados and aimed at redefining the concept of luxury, no longer as an end in itself, but as a means to access the beauty of our country.

Founded in 2021 with only three properties, VRetreats now consists of nine delightful hotels and historic residences with a distinct personality: the collection is geared towards luxury travellers who are passionate about Italian art and culture. The path of development has been consistent and gradual, always focused on the search for unique addresses of great artistic value: VRetreats exalt these aspects, enhancing the nature of the original buildings, characterised by a significant past and embellished by cloisters, internal gardens, and terraces seamlessly connected to the external environment and where guests can reconnect with themselves and the place.

The strong vision of VRetreats has enabled the collection to position itself among the most promising Italian hôtellerie establishments: the chain closed 2022 with a revenue of over 33 million euros, and 2023 projections call for a revenue of over 57 million euros and an EBITDA of over 20 million euros, thanks in part to new entries.

“We are extremely pleased with the results,” says Gabriele Burgio, President and CEO of Alpitour World, of which VRetreats is a component. “It is an excellent illustration of clear vision and the development of strategic assets for business and tourism in our country. The newly acquired properties are all operational with the exception of the Cervino, which will open in the autumn. In 2024, we anticipate the brand to make additional strides in terms of revenue, EBITDA, and infrastructure.”

The new VRetreats hotels play a vital role in the positioning of the brand, as they are situated in key tourist circuit locations, including Siracusa, Lecce, Olbia, Cervinia, and Florence.


The historic Hotel Roma is located on Ortigia, an island off the coast of Sicily. A masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque, it is housed in an ancient palace from the late 19th century that was constructed from the same limestone as the Greek temples, has internal courtyards and a suspended garden, is adjacent to the cathedral, and is located in the heart of Siracusa. To restore the building’s dignity and allure, a plan to renovate the common areas and chambers is currently being studied.

Palazzo Sant’Anna is located in the heart of Lecce, a city renowned for its Baroque influence, extraordinarily beautiful architecture and the sea of Salento, enters the collection. It was conceived as a small, diffused hotel with courtyards, gardens, and panoramic terraces, and its three original buildings, two from the 18th century and one from the 14th, have been extensively rehabilitated. The structure and Lecce stone of the old convent have been preserved, but contemporary aesthetics, antique furniture, and design objects have been added, along with bioenergy techniques to enhance performance and create a healthy, comfortable environment.

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