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Win at the 17th World Luxury Hotel Awards for Lexis Hotels & Resorts

Win at the 17th World Luxury Hotel Awards for Lexis Hotels & Resorts

Grand Hyatt Athens in Greece presented a magnificent gala celebration to commemorate the 17th year of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, which honor excellence in the hospitality sector. The night was a glittering monument to the steadfast passion and dedication of the world’s top hotels, spas, restaurants, and travel facilities, with nearly 300 venues from all around the world competing for distinction.

The glamorous event brought together the elite of the hospitality industry to recognize and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments made to the field. Renowned Malaysian hospitality company Lexis Hotel Group was among the distinguished guests, shining brightly as it reaffirmed its leadership in the industry by winning numerous awards at the 17th annual World Luxury Hotel Awards Gala Ceremony.

In a stunning show of distinction, Lexis Hotels & properties took home nine prestigious trophies. Of these, two legendary properties operating under the Lexis Hotel Group were recognized with six awards each, a testament to their outstanding guest experiences and first-rate services. Furthermore, the Lexis Hotel Group won three prizes from the World Luxury Hotel prizes, which are among the most esteemed accolades in the world travel and tourist sector.

“As we accept nine distinguished accolades from the World Luxury Hotel accolades, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and pride. These honors stand for the Lexis Hotel Group’s steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the high-end hospitality industry. Our path is driven by an unshakable passion to providing our visitors with experiences they won’t soon forget, as well as an unwavering commitment to quality and exceeding expectations. According to Dato’ Prof. Mandy Chew Siok Cheng, President of Lexis Hotel Group, “The recognition of Lexis Hotel Group as the Global Winner in the “Luxury Management Group” category is a testament to our philosophy in our ability to curate exceptional, boundary-defying experiences in the world of hospitality.”

“Our sincere appreciation goes out to our hardworking staff and our beloved visitors, who have played a crucial role in our journey. As we advance, our goal is to continually elevate the standard of hospitality, establish new standards, and guarantee that each and every visit with the Lexis Hotel Group is an extravagant and sophisticated journey. We express our gratitude to the World Luxury Hotel Awards for these remarkable recognitions, as well as to our devoted staff and devoted customers for making our aspirations come true. Together, we will keep reinventing hospitality, making each of our valued guests’ experiences one-of-a-kind and leaving a lasting impression on their hearts,” she continued.

The Lexis Hotel Group’s recognition as the Global Winner of the “Luxury Management Group” was a defining event. The group’s dedication to providing exceptional experiences was further recognized when they were named the “Luxury Collection Group” and “Luxury Brand” Continent Winner (Asia). These honors are a testament to Lexis Hotels and Resorts’ commitment to continuously raising the standard in the hospitality sector.

The distinct resorts that make up Lexis Hotel Group have also merited their due attention. A well-deserved honor for its lavish lodgings and gorgeous surroundings, Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, a gem in the Lexis Hotel Group portfolio, was named the Continent Winner (Asia) for “Luxury Water Villa Resort.” The beach resort also achieved recognition as a top destination by being named Malaysia’s best “Luxury Private Pool Villa” and “Luxury Lifestyle Resort.”

Lexis Suites Penang, another exceptional resort, was recognized as the “Luxury Concept Hotel” Continent Winner (Asia). This accolade draws attention to the creative and distinctive ideas that distinguish Lexis Suites Penang. In addition, the resort was awarded the titles of Country Winner (Malaysia) for both “Luxury Beachfront Hotel” and “Luxury All Suite Hotel,” demonstrating its dedication to providing outstanding experiences.

The staff at Lexis Hotel Group accepted the accolades with a great sense of pride and thanks. To accept the awards on behalf of the whole Lexis team, those in attendance were

President of the Lexis Hotel Group Dato’ Prof. Mandy Chew Siok Cheng, Senior Vice President of Corporate Services Tiu Kwe Yee, and Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development Steve Woon. Their attendance highlighted the group’s shared dedication to quality, which has been the main factor in Lexis Hotels and Resorts’ continuous success.

Relying on the votes of actual hotel and resort guests, travel agencies, and tour operators, the World Luxury Hotel Awards are considered the pinnacle of excellence for hotels and resorts worldwide. They set the standard for opulent experiences. This award recognizes the recipients’ extraordinary commitment to giving tourists from all around the world unmatched travel experiences.

The Lexis Hotel Group’s remarkable win total at the 17th World Luxury Hotel Awards solidifies its reputation as a trendsetter in the business, providing customers with genuinely immersive, authentic, and one-of-a-kind travel experiences that raise the bar for the hospitality industry.

Source- Travel daily

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