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Wisk Aero and Japan Airlines partner to bring autonomous, everyday flight to Japan

Wisk Aero and Japan Airlines partner to bring autonomous, everyday flight to Japan

To build the framework for future Wisk Air operations in Japan, a new cooperation has been formed.

TOKYO and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – To introduce Wisk’s self-flying, all-electric air taxi services to Japan, Japan Airlines (JAL), a top international airline with headquarters in Japan, and Wisk Aero, a leading Advanced Air Mobility firm, have partnered. Additionally, plans for the upkeep and operation of Wisk’s autonomous air taxis will be developed in close cooperation between Wisk and JAL Engineering (JALEC).

According to Brian Yutko, CEO of Wisk, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Japan Airlines, a highly regarded leader in aviation both in Japan and internationally.” “Wisk and Japan Airlines share a commitment to providing safe, accessible travel as well as making sure that our services benefit the communities we serve in the long run. We are eager to cooperate in bringing autonomous regular flying to Japan and expanding advanced air mobility throughout the greater APAC area.

“We consider it a great honour to work with Wisk, a leader in the development of autonomous eVTOL aircraft. According to Ryo Tamura, CEO of JALEC, “In Japan, the introduction of autonomous air travel is developing, and we strongly believe that this partnership with Wisk is the first step towards the development of the country’s next generation of safe air mobility.”

The Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB), as well as other pertinent Japanese Government entities, have all signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that sets a framework for cooperation between the two businesses. This will involve giving careful thought to legal requirements, security precautions, and how the community may profit from using Wisk’s 6th Generation self-flying, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to provide advanced air transportation.

The MOU specifically creates a framework for

  • Studying the criteria for maintenance, repair, and overhaul as well as type certification clearance in Japan would help Wisk’s 6th Generation taxi commence its fleet operations.
  • Supporting dialogue on the development of a Wisk operation under an Air.
  • Operators Certificate in Japan in the future with the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) and pertinent Japanese Government authorities, if appropriate.
  • Construction of a route leading to a demonstration flight in Japan.
  • Autonomous aircraft integration into the national airspace of Japan.

“We are thrilled to be announcing this new partnership with Japan Airlines, a partner that so closely shares our values,” declares Catherine MacGowan, regional director for Wisk in APAC. “Japan is a sizable, highly populated market where air taxi services might have a significant, beneficial effect on local communities. We’re excited to continue exploring the possibility of introducing our autonomous, all-electric air taxis in Japan and are heartened by the rising demand for similar services across the larger APAC area.

Wisk and Japan Airlines both value responsibility, sustainability, and safety. As part of the development of a long-lasting strategy for the introduction of future autonomous air taxi operations that are a component of the future integrated transportation layer in Japan, this cooperation signifies the uniting of these shared ideals.

Source: traveldailynews

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