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WTTC and GSTC collaborate to improve the Global Hospitality Standards

WTTC and GSTC collaborate to improve the Global Hospitality Standards

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) have jointly announced a significant new agreement to create a structured framework for hotel sustainability that will result in GSTC Certification.

The partnership paves the basis for a stepwise development toward the GSTC Hotel Sustainability Certification while endorsing the current WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics.

WTTC and GSTC are working together to deliver a strong message to the market about the coherence and collaboration in the travel and tourism sector in an era where sustainability is crucial.

The WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics verification and GSTC Hotel Sustainability Certification will now be separated by an intermediate verification step, which is intended to assist hotels in their journey towards full sustainability.

WTTC President & CEO Julia Simpson stated: “Working with a prestigious organization like GSTC strengthens our commitment to guiding the sector toward a more sustainable future. To promote change, establish standards, and motivate others to follow, we must collaborate with significant international actors like GSTC.

“With members from all over the world, GSTC’s rigorous accreditation program not only elevates our initiative but also makes sure that the hospitality industry globally moves toward a shared vision of sustainability,” the GSTC’s website states.

“WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics is a finely crafted entry level for hotels of any size and type to begin their journey to sustainable practices,” noted Randy Durband, CEO of GSTC. With the greatest levels of assurance currently available, GSTC certification by GSTC-accredited certifying bodies is widely regarded as the gold standard in certification of sustainable hotels.

The unified pathway’s release today offers clarity for starting and for ongoing improvement. Stages must be treated as such and not as objectives to be attained and maintained.

Industry access to the WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics is currently available, and the second and intermediate WTTC verification program, which will soon be offered, is expected to do so in 2024.

This will serve as the essential transitional step between the WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics and the stringent certification by GSTC, providing a slow but thorough approach towards sustainability.

WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics satisfies 9 GSTC Certification requirements. The intermediate verification stage will adhere to 28 GSTC Certification requirements. A premises will acquire GSTC Certification when it satisfies all 42 requirements.

Source- Travel daily


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