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Zealous and Creative Zone collaborate

Zealous and Creative Zone collaborate

Zealous, the first digital networking app in the United Arab Emirates, is excited to announce a strategic alliance with Creative Zone, a top supplier of company setup services. By providing a cutting-edge platform for seamless connections, meaningful conversations, and enduring partnerships, they hope to revolutionise networking experiences in the UAE’s entrepreneurial community.

Zealous was created with the specific intent of empowering goal-driven people in the tech industry by giving them the resources to locate, connect with, and stay connected at their preferred time and location. Zealous minimises the ambiguity, awkwardness, and hassle typically associated with traditional networking by utilising smart technology and human-centric design concepts.

Zealous will offer Creative Zone-affiliated businesses and startups an exceptional and unrivalled networking experience thanks to the relationship with Creative Zone. By making tech networking deliberate, simple, and rewarding, the cooperation hopes to encourage and promote it. Members of the Creative Zone will have access to a wide range of services through the Zealous mobile application, enhancing their networking chances and enabling them to make the most of their time, build meaningful connections, and continue to participate long after events and programmes have ended.

By receiving personalized connection ideas based on their location and preferred meeting times, members of Zealous can network and cultivate relationships while on the road. By automating administrative activities like monitoring referrals and organizing meetings, the app efficiently frees up time and improves the effectiveness and enjoyment of networking.

The co-founder and CEO of Zealous, Maryam Ahmed Hassani, highlighted her excitement about the collaboration with Creative Zone, saying, “At Zealous, we’re on a mission to rethink networking such that it’s intentional, simple, and meaningful. Nowadays’ digital environment makes networking feel impersonal and daunting. Zealous is dedicated to bringing back the human touch by giving our members the freedom to interact, contribute, and succeed in their local tech communities whenever it’s convenient for them. We are excited to cooperate with Creative Zone since they share our aim for maximising tech networking.

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