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'AlUla Ever' by Assouline is a sophisticated ode to the allure of the historic oasis city.

‘AlUla Ever’ by Assouline is a sophisticated ode to the allure of the historic oasis city.

AlUla Ever, the newest publication from opulent publisher Assouline, immortalises the legendary city of AlUla in northwest Saudi Arabia. Assouline’s unrivalled unique style effectively captures and communicates the spirit of AlUla through aesthetically stunning storytelling and gripping storylines.

The latest publication in Assouline’s Travel Series, which has been made available throughout the GCC, takes readers on a 288-page tour through AlUla’s remarkable geological landscapes, significant heritage sites, and thriving arts and cultural scene. AlUla Ever captures the genuine charm of this distinctive luxury heritage boutique resort and features a sizable collection of original images and graphics along with the lyrical language of French journalist Jérôme Garcin.

The culture-focused travel book aptly illustrates how the destination welcomes innovation and advancement while remaining faithful to the integrity and authenticity of its culture, history, and tradition by providing fascinating insights into AlUla’s seamless fusion of old and new. The collectable weaves together the rich cultural tapestry that makes the AlUla experience truly extraordinary. It includes an eclectic mix of photographs showcasing the distinctive customs, traditions, and genuine hospitality of AlUla.

AlUla, a masterwork that spans more than 200,000 years of human history, has just recently been made accessible to tourists from around the world. The ancient Nabataean civilization picked AlUla as their primary southern metropolis, second only to Petra, which is now found in modern-day Jordan. From there, the kingdoms of Dadan and Lihyan controlled a significant portion of the peninsula.

The impressively well-preserved monuments at Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO heritage site, and at Jabal Ikmah, the largest open-air library in the world that was recently added to the UNESCO Memory of the World register, are evidence that each progressive civilization has left its indelible mark on AlUla. The echoes of the generations who constantly lived in the area from about the 12th century to the more recent 1980s can still be felt in AlUla Old Town, which was named UNTWO Best Tourism Village in 2022. The area is a maze of small alleyways surrounded with more than 900 ancient mud brick buildings.

Future development in AlUla will focus on sustainable, “light-touch” tourism and on responsible growth that benefits the local inhabitants and future generations.

The debut of “AlUla Ever” coincides with the city’s full acceptance of its traditional arts and culture, which it shares with the world while also asking national and international artists to participate in the city’s contemporary art future. The third iteration of Desert X AlUla, a juxtaposition of contemporary land art set against ancient landscapes, showcasing the essence of AlUla’s creative spirit, will debut in 2024 in addition to programmes at art school Madrasat Addeera that offer the chance to revive skills in the ancient handicrafts and jewellery, textiles, and leatherwork. The first five pieces of art will be put in Wadi AlFann in 2025. This international art destination offers a profound cultural experience via enduring works of art that coexist in harmony with the breathtaking scenery.

The potential of AlUla to take tourists on a transforming trip where the ancient and modern coexist harmoniously is a key component of its attraction. Travellers have the chance to forge a profound connection with this extraordinary destination, one that maintains strong roots in its history and heritage but is constantly evolving with its eyes firmly fixed on the future, by immersing themselves in the cultural richness, natural beauty, and authentic spirit embodied by AlUla.

Source- Travel daily

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