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The world's top wine tourist destinations, from Portugal to Italy

The world’s top wine tourist destinations, from Portugal to Italy

The study by Bounce examined variables including the total volume of wine consumed by each nation and the average amount of wine consumed by a person to identify the top destinations for wine tourism.

Portugal uses 600 million gallons of wine annually, which is the greatest when measured per person but less than countries like France and Italy altogether. Portugal is the top travel destination for wine enthusiasts since wine is an essential component of Portuguese culture and has been produced there for thousands of years. 

With a vinicultural heritage dating back thousands of years to ancient civilizations, Italy is renowned as the birthplace of some of the most celebrated wines in the world.It is not surprising that Italy consumes 2.3 billion litres of wine annually, ranking second in the world for wine consumption as the nation produces the most wine.

France, a nation that also produces wine and is regarded as one of the most prestigious and significant wine-producing nations in the world, comes in third. Given that French wines are constantly ranked among the best in the world, there is no surprise that 2.5 billion litres of them are drank annually.

Source- Travel daily

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