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At SeaWorld San Diego, the first Emperor Penguin chick in more than ten years hatched.

At SeaWorld San Diego, the first Emperor Penguin chick in more than ten years hatched.

For the first time since 2010, an emperor penguin chick was hatched at SeaWorld San Diego on September 12, 2023. Emperor penguins can only be found in SeaWorld San Diego, which makes their hatching a unique and joyous occasion in the Western Hemisphere. Because of the melting Antarctic Sea ice and the increasing sea levels brought on by climate change, emperor penguins are currently classified as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

Justin Brackett, Curator of Birds at SeaWorld San Diego, said, “Bringing this chick into the world and ensuring her well-being and survival around the clock has been a very rewarding process for me and the entire SeaWorld Aviculture team.” “Our knowledgeable team and the veterinary personnel made every decision pertaining to her well-being with the utmost care and thought. As she grows, we are forward to find out more about her and see how her distinct personality unfolds.

Emperor penguin populations are being negatively impacted by the Antarctic Sea’s record low ice coverage, according to a recent scientific study. Because there was not enough sea ice, four out of the five colonies of emperor penguins that were observed completely failed to reproduce. Sea ice provides the habitat that emperor penguins need for mating, raising young, and molting. The waterproof feathers needed for swimming and survival in the ocean are absent from newly hatched chicks.

“Disappearing sea ice is becoming more frequent as our planet continues to warm and is having a devastating effect on penguin populations,” stated Katie Propp, Chief Operations Officer of Penguins International. The good news is that, with enough effort and support, we can prevent climate change and ensure that organizations like SeaWorld, which care for emperor penguins and preserve their genetic diversity, survive. The people must be made aware of the dangers these magnificent creatures face in the wild and must be able to see these magnificent creatures up close in order to be inspired to take action to protect their wild counterparts.

The only location outside of Antarctica in the Western Hemisphere where visitors can view emperor penguins is SeaWorld San Diego. Along with 300 other penguins, including King, Gentoo, Macaroni, Chinstrap, and Adélie penguins, Penguin Encounter is home to a colony of 17 emperor penguins. The exhibit features a snow-filled, 25-degree habitat where the resident penguins can swim and socialize with one another. Outside the Encounter is a colony of South American native Magellanic penguins who like warm climates. There are about 90 puffins and murres at Penguin Encounter.

Source- Travel daily

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