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Cornerstone makes a calculated investment in Traxo

Cornerstone makes a calculated investment in Traxo

In order to revolutionize corporate travel management, Traxo, Inc.—the only provider of real-time corporate travel data capture—and Cornerstone Information Systems—a world authority on overseeing travel and expense operations—have teamed together. 

Through this collaboration, Traxo’s unique ‘Filter’ technology will be made available to Cornerstone clients, which include TMCs, corporate travel departments, OTAs, and other travel intermediates. This will provide them unprecedented visibility into out-of-channel reservations. The collaboration offers a wider data set than can be obtained through conventional methods and empowers travel management teams to take action, making it genuinely synergistic.

Traxo is the market leader in real-time off-channel booking data, according to Mitch Gross, Head of Growth at Cornerstone. Cornerstone is a pioneer in integrating travel data into operations and utilizing cutting-edge automation to improve both service and effectiveness. Working together gives Traxo’s data a purpose and broadens the variety of transactions Cornerstone may influence. The influence our customers can have on their clients is also very essential. One + one is much greater than three. We couldn’t pass up the chance to invest because we love the firm and our synergy so much.

This feeling is echoed by Andres Fabris, founder and CEO of Traxo, who is enthusiastic about the partnership’s game-changing potential. Companies will have total insight into the places and times that their employees travel for the first time, and this actionable data will force a thorough reevaluation of how to find and bargain with international travel providers.

Cornerstone’s strategic investment in Traxo is just the beginning of a deeper technical partnership between the two businesses; further information will be released soon. For additional information, stop by Traxo (booth 2609) or Cornerstone (booth 2131) at GBTA.

Source – Travel daily

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