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EasyJet material is now available on AirGateway thanks to Kyte.

EasyJet material is now available on AirGateway thanks to Kyte.

A commercial relationship between Kyte and AirGateway, a leader in flight booking technology, was just revealed. EasyJet, Europe’s top airline, now has offers on the AirGateway platform. Thanks to a direct connection made possible by Kyte, an authorized partner channel of the carrier that accelerates its API integrations, clients of Air Gateway may now access content from easyJet.

EasyJet and Kyte have been partners for many years, and their joint goal is to increase the effectiveness of direct connections while using fewer resources for travel partners. With its standardized interface, Kyte hopes to address several problems with content and functionality restrictions that are frequently brought on by subpar integrations or web-scraping.

The majority of AirGateway’s customers are travel management organizations (TMCs) who cater to business travelers. As a result, reliability, operational effectiveness, and full content coverage are given top priority.

The whole range of easyJet tickets and packages, including seats and other goods and services, may now be accessed and booked by AirGateway users without interruption or inconsistent data thanks to Kyte.

The CEO and co-founder of Kyte, Alice Ferrari, states: “The industry is increasingly making the switch to API delivery. However, the functionality and content quality cannot be compromised for the shift to be effective. Kyte carefully implements integrations to guarantee that customers have a flawless experience while making flight reservations through third parties. We are honored that AirGateway has chosen us as their partner to provide their clients with premium easyJet content.

The CEO of AirGateway, Jorge Diaz, says, “We work hard to provide a very effective booking experience to our corporate travel agencies through our API and travel agent desktop, BookingPad. The 27+ major NDC airlines, Travelport GDS (EDIFACT), and consolidated content will all be available to our clients through this cooperation with Kyte, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Source- Travel daily

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