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Dolphin Dynamics is chosen by The Advantage Travel Partnership to be a technology partner

Dolphin Dynamics is chosen by The Advantage Travel Partnership to be a technology partner

By choosing Dolphin Dynamics as their newest strategic technology partner, The Advantage Travel Partnership—the UK’s leading business network that represents travel agencies and travel management companies—has advanced the development of its Advantage Managed Services (AMS) Business Travel offering.

Advantage took advantage of the chance to modernize the technology provided to their AMS members who use their business travel model after retiring their antiquated back-office system. The action is a component of Advantage’s strategic plan to expand its Managed Services offering in the cutthroat business travel market, with the goal of replicating the accomplishments of its immensely popular AMS leisure travel offering.

After conducting a thorough assessment of four possible back-office systems suppliers, Advantage concluded that Dolphin Dynamics was the best technological partner to help realize its strategic goals. Advantage came to the conclusion that Dolphin Dynamics was in the best position to make sure that AMS Business Travel offered current and future members operating under this model a mid-back office solution that can really enhance their companies, as well as Advantage a reliable technology solution that can handle the intricacies of a TMC operation that is centrally managed and involves multiple companies.

Dolphin Dynamics was chosen because to its wide range of integrations, easy-to-use interface, efficient automation, strong reporting capabilities, and history of successful implementations. The company is also known for providing high-quality service and support.

Dolphin Dynamics and the Advantage team worked closely together to make sure that everyone using the AMS Business Travel model migrated quickly and easily to the Dolphin platform on time—and most importantly, before the outgoing legacy system was shut down. Consequently, members using the AMS Business Travel model will now have access to much better reporting tools and substantially increased automation.

“The Advantage Travel Partnership has achieved great success in the leisure space with their AMS offering over the years,” stated Chuck Richardson, MD of Dolphin Dynamics. We are thrilled that they have selected Dolphin to assist them in doing the same in the business travel industry, and we look forward to assisting both current and new members in becoming significantly more productive than they were in the past.

The Advantage Travel Partnership’s chief operating officer, Paul Nunn, continued, saying, “We are thrilled to have joined with Dolphin Dynamics. They showed that they understood our Managed Services model quite well right away. Throughout the review process, they succinctly outlined how their platform would improve our proposal. More importantly, Chuck and his team gave us great assurance that they would be able to build the platform by the deadline, which they did. We are committed to significantly increasing the number of TMCs that are partnering with us in this special offering, and we will keep improving the technical aspects of our Advantage Managed Services Business Travel offering.

Source- Travel daily

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