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The strategic plan titled "Journey 2030" by Etihad Airways outlines a trajectory for achieving sustainable growth.

The strategic plan titled “Journey 2030” by Etihad Airways outlines a trajectory for achieving sustainable growth.

During the recent Dubai Airshow, Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), presented its prospective strategies for future expansion.

During a keynote interview held this morning, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Etihad Airways, Antonoaldo Neves, delivered a presentation on the airline’s ambitious expansion strategy for the upcoming seven-year period, known as Journey 2030. The implementation of this plan, which has received backing from the airline’s shareholder, ADQ, is a crucial milestone in Etihad’s trajectory. It establishes the foundation for a future characterized by sustainable expansion and improved customer satisfaction, while also making a noteworthy economic impact on Abu Dhabi.

Antonoaldo Neves, the Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways, expressed his enthusiasm for the future as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. Journey 2030 serves as the strategic blueprint that propels Etihad Airways towards its future trajectory.Etihad has established a strong international presence and effectively managed various obstacles. Presently, equipped with robust backing from shareholders and an established strategic framework, the airline is positioned to achieve enduring and lucrative expansion.

In the preceding year, Etihad Airways transported a total of 13 million passengers, reflecting a notable growth of 30% compared to the previous year, 2022. According to the Journey 2030 initiative, there is an anticipated continuation of this development trajectory, with a projected recovery to Etihad’s highest passenger numbers in 2017 by the end of next year or early 2025. This trajectory is expected to culminate in a target of accommodating 33 million passengers by the year 2030.

As part of the Journey 2030 initiative, Etihad Airways aims to expand its network to encompass more than 125 destinations, capitalizing on its advantageous geographic positioning that facilitates connectivity between Asia and Europe. Concurrently, the fleet will undergo expansion, reaching a total of more than 160 aircraft. This expansion will primarily concentrate on establishing connections between short and medium-haul destinations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), India, and Asia, and long-haul destinations in Europe and North America.

The fundamental principles of its network strategy encompass the introduction of novel destinations, the provision of a wider array of options, and the augmentation of frequencies to pivotal foreign markets. According to Neves, it is evident that our primary objective is to provide exceptional customer service and ensure long-term profitability, which serves as the fundamental basis for Etihad’s commitment towards fulfilling Abu Dhabi’s ambitions.

Antonoaldo Neves is a prominent figure in the business world.

The Journey 2030 initiative represents a significant strategic milestone in terms of expansion, while also holding the potential to generate large economic advantages for Abu Dhabi. The objective of the plan is to attract a total of 10 million point-to-point travelers to the capital of the United Arab Emirates by the year 2030. This initiative aims to stimulate economic growth, generate employment prospects, and strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as a leading international travel center.

Neves further emphasized that the inauguration of Terminal A, our newly established airport facility, serves as an ideal catalyst for our expansion and will effectively meet the demands of our esteemed clientele in terms of both capacity and service excellence.

The airline has seen a fantastic year thus far, marked by the addition of 12 new destinations. Additionally, the company plans to launch additional routes in India, Boston, and Nairobi in the near future. The airline has expanded its operations in many significant regions, augmenting flight frequencies and enhancing network connections. Additionally, the company has acquired 16 additional aircraft to bolster its fleet.

According to Neves, two decades ago, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates initiated the establishment of an exceptional airline that has since gained worldwide recognition. The historical legacy we possess serves as an ideal foundation for embarking upon our future endeavors. The implementation of Journey 2030 aims to sustainably maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and national benefit, thereby establishing the airline as the preferred choice for air travel among the general population.

Source- Travel daily

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