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Emirates provides 20,000 Apple devices to the cabin crew to enhance the inflight experience.

Emirates provides 20,000 Apple devices to the cabin crew to enhance the inflight experience.

Emirates, a company renowned for its dedication to cutting-edge technology and innovation, has introduced a new “One Device” strategy utilizing Apple products, in which all 20,000 Emirates Cabin Crew members receive iPhone 13 or iPad Air devices set up with personalized Emirates apps to enhance the overall crew experience as well as improve and streamline passenger service onboard.

The operation, which started with the distribution of Apple products more than a year ago, has already attracted investments totaling more than AED 32 million from Emirates. On the 450 flights Emirates operates each day around the globe, more than 7,000 of the airline’s crew members use iPhones. Building on the successful deployment, 5,000 more cabin crew members will get iPhones and iPads with new apps and features in the upcoming months.

Prior to creating and developing a suite of native, custom-built apps to enhance the cabin crew’s user experience and guarantee that customers receive the world-class service Emirates is known for, Emirates’ internal Service Delivery and IT teams performed extensive user research with cabin crew. According to feedback so far, Apple devices enable cabin workers to feel more prepared for work and give passengers a more customized experience.

One of these specially created apps enhances the Business Class in-flight meal ordering process, ensuring prompt and accurate service and enabling the cabin staff to view each passenger’s profile and Skywards status. Another app makes sure that the crew has access to the most recent flight information, the roster, and a list of the cabin staff that are traveling with them. The 360-degree view of passengers provided by Emirates cabin crew allows them to personalize each passenger’s experience to an unprecedented degree, even providing details like dining and drink preferences and onboard loungewear sizes – if used on prior flights. This gives them access to critical real-time data and gives them the tools they need to perform at their best.

A team of specially trained professionals at the Emirates Dubai hub and through Apple help are just two of the 24/7 worldwide resources made available by the One Device programme to enhance cabin crew performance and safety standards. Cabin crew may at any time access remotely updated operating instructions and use One Device as a platform for continual training through microlearning to increase safety on board. The iPhone is available to Emirates Cabin Crew for personal use, and their data is secure.

Apple devices meet the rigorous operational environment of the Emirates cabin crew because to features like quick charging, longer battery life, lightweight design, and high build quality. Additionally, Apple’s market-leading security shields customer and flight attendant data by utilizing the device’s security, securely verifying user identity with Face ID, and erasing flight data when the trip has been completed.

The One Device rollout has been backed by an in-person experience zone at Emirates Headquarters in Dubai, which acts as a round-the-clock one-stop shop for cabin crew to get answers to questions about hardware and operating software, access support for Emirates applications, meet device accessory needs, and more.

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