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SXSW, a renowned festival, has relocated to Sydney.

SXSW, a renowned festival, has relocated to Sydney.

With the first Asia Pacific edition of the renowned creative industries festival beginning today, Sydney has become the first location outside of Austin, Texas, for an annual South by Southwest (SXSW®) event.

From Sunday, October 15, to Sunday, October 22, SXSW Sydney will host more than 1,200 events and sessions, including a speaker lineup that includes Naomi Watts, Chance The Rapper, Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, Baz Luhrmann, and Nicole Kidman, an actress who has won an Academy Award.

SXSW, which is sponsored by the NSW government’s Destination NSW in collaboration with TEG, has a reputation for being the launchpad for what’s next, memorably giving young Billie Eilish her first international stage and serving as a pitch venue for Uber and X (previously known as Twitter).

The festival will now take center stage in New South Wales, promoting Sydney as a hub for the Asia Pacific creative industries and uniting artists, tech innovators, musicians, and culture aficionados from the area and beyond.

SXSW Sydney hosts a city-wide music festival, futurist think tank, game showcase, global premieres of movies and television shows, and an expo for cutting-edge technology. This unique event will take place at several places throughout Sydney’s CBD, including Darling Harbour, the Darling Quarter, Haymarket, Ultimo, and Chippendale. It will activate numerous venues throughout the city and support the entire visitor and nightlife ecosystem.

John Graham, the minister of jobs and tourism, declared: “This week, straight from Austin, Texas to Sydney, our city will be the hub of the music, screen, gaming, and technology worlds as we open our doors to residents and guests to enjoy the first SXSW Sydney. I’m delighted that SXSW attendees will have the opportunity to see Sydney at its finest after hours, taking in music, ideas, and culture. This is the first time the Texas-based tournament has been staged outside of Texas.

“SXSW Sydney will change the game for NSW. It is only the start of an unrivaled calendar of cultural events over the following months that will highlight Sydney’s own talent, creativity, culture, and natural beauty and attract tourists from all over the nation and the world.

“SXSW coming to Sydney is not only a remarkable milestone for the event, it’s monumental for the global creative community,” said Colin Daniels, managing director of SXSW Sydney. The inauguration of SXSW Sydney, which departs Austin for the first time in its history, is a testament to the city’s thriving ecosystem and its relevance on the international arena. We can’t wait to meet you at SXSW Sydney, which promises to be a singular and remarkable experience for all attendees.

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