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Five suggestions to guarantee vacation vibes at home

Five suggestions to guarantee vacation vibes at home

The feel-good factor doesn’t have to end just because the vacation is. Traveling can take people from autopilot into living their best lives, but there can be a difficult transition afterward. The post-vacation blues might set in with too many emails, a rapidly fading holiday glow, and a pile of laundry. One in five (17%) Hong Kong travelers report leaving their positive vacation attitude at the door as soon as they get home.

In 2024, almost two thirds (74%) of Hong Kong residents wish to live more like their holiday self. This is according to’s travel projections. In light of this, offers five suggestions for visitors looking to maintain their best selves while returning home, ranging from creating daily routines to embracing a carefree attitude.

1. Release

With over half (64%) saying they would prefer to have no plans fixed in stone before to going, travelers in 2024 are more and more willing to let go of control and explore new places and uncharted terrain while on vacation. In the day-to-day, adopt this carpe diem travel mindset by letting go of control and learning to let go of meticulous planning. Give yourself permission to do whatever feels right in the moment throughout the nights and weekends, and let things unfold naturally rather than forcing them to. Whether one spends their days working or surfing, following one’s natural flow makes one more receptive to unexpected meetings and experiences. Every minute of life is an adventure waiting to happen.

2. Assume the lead role

‘Main character energy’ is experienced by over half (66%) of Hong Kong residents when they travel, so why not harness this energy a little more at home? While on vacation, most people prioritize themselves and write their own story. Travelers might carry over this tendency by being slightly more self-centered in their daily life. Consider the distinctive traits and driving forces that shape your travel schedule and itineraries, such as your love of the outdoors or your passion for stand-up comedy, and make more of a “me.”

moment,’ whether it’s enjoying a guilt-free cup of tea, going to the comedy club, or going wild foraging. It’s simple to prioritize the needs of others in the middle of life’s chaos; however, being more selfish doesn’t mean ignoring other people; rather, it means understanding the value of self-care and placing one’s own well-being first so that others can present as their best selves.

3. Turn off the autopilot.

With 80% of tourists stating that they feel more alive than ever while on vacation, it’s no wonder that invigorating the senses with novel and intriguing meals and sights and increasing physical activity combine to make passengers feel more conscious. Keep your taste buds engaged and join the one in five (23%) Hong Kong visitors who prepare the meals they enjoyed while traveling, adding ideas and ingredients from different cultures to even the most boring meals. This will help you carry this feel-alive sensation into your daily life. Routines are important, but it’s important to recognize the difference between adhering to habits and becoming stuck because they’re comfortable. To stimulate the senses and encourage greater movement, try introducing novel experiences into your everyday routine. Try adding an energetic “virtual commute” walk before and after work to symbolize the start and end of the workday if you work from home, for instance. Vary it up by taking different routes to keep yourself attentive and aware of your surroundings.

4. Utilize mementos to their fullest

Travel relics don’t have to be limited to mementos from past trips and souvenirs. Considering that 37% of visitors look back on trip images to bring back the festive spirit in their daily lives after returning, you might want to think about making a photo book or album of your favorite holiday moments. Making something that will assist relive and renew that nostalgic trip vibe has never been simpler thanks to the abundance of applications available that may help streamline tasks like camera roll to keepsake.

5. Initiate

Travelers often find that being away from home awakens their inner child, and leaving behind the routine might satiate a certain need for entertainment. Play is a daily holiday “to do,” whether it’s a game of cards over a sunset cocktail, a game of bat and ball on the beach, or getting wild on the dance floor. When you return, try to recreate the vacation vibes you had while away by engaging in joyful activities, discovering new ones as well as revisiting favorites like learning to paddleboard or adding some salsa dancing to the evening. Play can be incredibly stimulating and helps individuals to take a break from the daily grind in a world when technology means people are always connected. When you go home, attempt to identify the things that drain your daily energy and fill those moments with some rejuvenating playtime, no matter how brief, to create a rhythmic balance between the use and replenishment of energy.

Source- Travel daily

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