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Jose Manuel Aisa Mancho has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer at VFS Global.

Jose Manuel Aisa Mancho has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer at VFS Global.

VFS Global has designated Jose Manuel Aisa Mancho as its Chief Financial Officer, commencing on 01 November 2023. The individual in question is accountable to Zubin Karkaria, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, and is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which serves as the worldwide headquarters of the organization.

Jose has recently transitioned from his previous role at Cellnex Telecom to join VFS Global. The individual possesses more than twenty years of professional expertise encompassing many finance sub-disciplines, such as mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, investor relations, management control, treasury, and tax. The individual in question has prior professional experience within notable organizations such as Abertis Infrastructures, CriteriaCaixa, and Cellnex. Additionally, he held the position of Non-Executive Officer in other infrastructure businesses, including Hispasat, Sanef, and TBI Limited.

Jose has been assigned the role of overseeing the comprehensive Finance function at VFS Global. Additionally, he will assume responsibility for the Legal, Data Privacy, and Corporate Risk divisions. Jose will utilize his extensive knowledge to enhance VFS Global’s financial operation and formulate strategies to facilitate the company’s continued expansion and progress. In his capacity as a member of the Executive Board, he will assume a crucial role in the comprehensive strategic decision-making process at VFS Global.

Jose possesses a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, alongside a Masters in Business Administration from Esade in Barcelona, Spain. Additionally, he has obtained a CEMS Masters in International Management from the London School of Economics in London, UK. Furthermore, Jose has successfully completed the Executive Programme at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

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