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For the 2024 edition, FHA-HoReCa introduces new programs and partnerships.

For the 2024 edition, FHA-HoReCa introduces new programs and partnerships.

Look forward to a number of innovative initiatives and partnerships that are going to shake up the hospitality industry when FHA-HoReCa, Asia’s most comprehensive and premier hospitality event, returns from 22–25 October 2024.

A relationship with Foodservice Technology (FSTEC), the premier foodservice technology event in the world, as well as WorldChefs, which will host Singapore’s first-ever Global Chefs Challenge Finals, are among them.

FHA-HoReCa pioneers relationships with industry experts on technology solutions and talent recognition across the best of the hotel and culinary scene to cover all bases in order to fulfill the growing demands of the hospitality and culinary industries. They are an integral component of FHA-HoReCa’s plans to advance both Singapore’s domestic and international hospitality industries by bringing the most cutting-edge options and solutions there.

The FHA-HoReCa trade show is the largest international trade fair in Asia, showcasing five essential industries on a single platform: bakery, pastry & gelato; foodservice & hospitality equipment; hospitality style; hospitality technology; and specialty coffee. Over 40,000 catering and hotel industry experts travel from all over the world for this event.

FSTEC Asia’s debut: “Where Hospitality and Technology Connect”

The premier foodservice technology event in the world, FSTEC, is excited to announce its most recent collaboration with FHA-HoReCa for the launch of FSTEC Asia, its first edition.

FSTEC Asia will be seamlessly integrated into the biannual FHA-HoReCa tradeshow, offering two full days of programming with expert speakers from all over the world from October 22–25, 2024, at the Singapore Expo, setting the stage for groundbreaking discussions and innovations at the intersection of hospitality and technology.

The slogan for FSTEC Asia, “Where Hospitality and Tech Connect,” represents a strategic progression from the slogan for the US event, “Where Restaurants and Tech Connect,” and it reflects how the hospitality sector is changing while also incorporating a wider range of technology-driven opportunities and solutions.

The conference will feature talks on all aspects of hospitality technology, including ordering and payment, loyalty programs, workforce management systems, AI, and robotics, according to Chris Keating, Head of FSTEC. There will be something there for both the huge, international restaurant chain and the developing concept, as well as for the vendors and systems integrators who will support operators in achieving their objectives.

The flagship event for FSTEC Asia in the US, FSTEC, has grown significantly over the past three years, drawing over 800 executives from top restaurant firms looking for technical solutions to improve their operations.

the inaugural Worldchefs Global Chefs Challenge Finals in Singapore

The first-ever Global Chefs Challenge Finals in Singapore will be held at the 2024 edition of FHA-HoReCa, which will be hosted by World Association of Chef Societies, also known as Worldchefs, a leading global organization that unites professional and delegates from around the world.

The top 72 chefs from 25 different nations, chosen based on their remarkable performance at the 2023 Worldchefs Regional Semi-Finals, will compete in the Global Chefs Challenge Finals. These chefs will square off at the Global Chef Challenge Finals, which is slated to run from October 22 through October 25, 2024, at the Singapore Expo.

The greatest chefs in the world will gather to participate in four competition categories at the 2024 Global Chefs Challenge Finals:

Global Vegan Chefs Competition

Global Pastry Chefs Competition

Global Young Chefs Competition

Global Chefs Competition

The first finals of the Global Vegan Chefs Challenge’s newest category will be held at the Global Chefs Challenge Finals. In this competition, creative chefs will present their expertise in vegan cooking. They must use important vegan foods in inventive and delicious ways while excluding animal proteins from their plates.

According to Thomas Gugler, president of Worldchefs, “The Global Vegan Chefs Challenge will be an exciting opportunity for Worldchefs members interested in expanding and showcasing their expertise and knowledge of Vegan Cuisine, and this particular category will support our mission as leaders in global culinary advancement and culinary competitions.”

FHA-HoReCa is paving the way in the fast-paced world of hospitality and culinary innovation. FHA-HoReCa is bridging hospitality and technology while recognizing the world’s culinary excellence, starting with the establishment of FSTEC Asia and continuing with the hosting of the Global Chefs Challenge Finals. Join FHA-HoReCa 2024 at the Singapore Expo from October 22–25, 2024, to be a part of the future.

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