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Grand Hyatt Singapore reveals the nation's undiscovered beauties

Grand Hyatt Singapore reveals the nation’s undiscovered beauties

After the Grand Hyatt Singapore “Moments of More” contest opened on August 28, 2023, 726 foreign participants submitted imaginative accounts of their unique encounters and lesser-known Singaporean treasures. On October 31, 2023, the grand prize winner of a million World of Hyatt points was revealed, along with amazing finds made possible by participants’ cameras that would motivate fresh visitor experiences when the hotel reopens in the second half of 2024.

The fruitful campaign revealed lesser-known tourist attractions, provided insights into genuine Singaporean lives, and evoked poignant recollections that enhance Singapore’s allure as a travel destination.  The entries opened up a new dimension for regionally immersive encounters through first-person storytelling, which will appeal to the travel goals of the younger generation.

To encourage participants in their entries, a compelling Movie Trailer was created as a theatrical opening act for Moments of More. The movie trailer, which has had nearly 190,000 views since its release, offered advice for daring travelers on how to find unique sights as well as quaint hidden spots.  By the time the contest ended on September 29, 2023, 726 entries had been received from Singapore (54.1%), The Philippines (14.7%), Indonesia (11.8%), Australia (5.9%), Malaysia (4%), Hong Kong (3%), the United States (1.8%), and India (1%).

Grand Hyatt Singapore learned startling facts about this City in Nature and practical suggestions for locally immersed experiences during the selecting process. 38% of entries discussed ways to recharge in nature as wellness proved to be a popular theme, while 4% covered the theme of sustainability. 58% of entries consisted of creative content on local recreational activities that reflected the quintessential Singaporean way of life and under-rated spots with rich historical significance. The five finalists were all selected in unison due to their distinctive viewpoints on Singapore, which showcased the city-state’s hidden treasures with amazing uniqueness and inventiveness.

After two weeks of open voting beginning on October 16, 2023, 1,759 individuals cast 3,518 votes in total. The top prize winner was Mr. Joseph Tng of Singapore, who won for his exceptional display of life in a public housing estate in the country’s center that shone beyond Orchard Road’s glittering cityscape.

Through Joseph’s storytelling, one can learn about rooftop picnics at Skyville in Dawson, a void deck art museum at 8 Holland Drive that showcases well-known pop artists, and genuine home dining experiences hosted by enthusiastic cooks in their housing development board (HDB) houses.  He continued by saying that the convenient public transit system on the island makes all of these experiences easily accessible.

Moments of More literally unearthed more treasures than anticipated, ranging from obscure tourist destinations to long-forgotten historical anecdotes about Singapore.  Travelers visiting the Lion City from abroad and from all across the country will be astounded by a number of discoveries not found in conventional travel guides.

A new history site, the historic NUS Baba House, was discovered through one of the intriguing entries. Constructed approximately in 1895, this ancestral home of a Chinese Peranakan family invites guests for a guided tour of the exquisitely renovated interiors of a true Straits Chinese home with its distinctly ornate blue façade.  Others include the 164-year-old Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is situated on the edge of Orchard Road and is the first and only tropical botanic garden listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List; hidden gems in Fort Canning, one of Singapore’s oldest parks and the home of 17 Heritage Trees that are safeguarded by National Parks; and Kampong Lorong Buangkok, the island’s last remaining “kampong” that has withstood the test of time.

Entries that touched people’s emotions were given special recognition, such Sajeev Digital Photo Studio, whose walls are covered in faded portraits of migrant laborers. The diverse mosaic of hidden tales and glimpses into the lives of those who impacted contemporary Singapore was created by these portraits.

“Moments of More was established to find authentic local experiences and hidden jewels outside of Singapore’s well-traveled routes. The participants’ extraordinary ingenuity and passion pleasantly surprised our team and brought to our attention some unique ideas that even Singaporeans might not be aware of. The campaign’s goal is ideally connected with their choice of storytelling techniques, which include poems, song creations, and tip-offs, according to Charis Choi, Regional Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Hyatt, Southeast Asia.

We want to sincerely thank each and every voter and participant for their time and work. She continued, “The Grand Hyatt Singapore team will use Moments of More’s priceless insights to create immersive experiences that capture the spirit of Singaporean life.

Grand Hyatt Singapore’s marketing campaign, Moments of More, was implemented in the run-up to its gradual reopening after a multiyear makeover. The renovated hotel, which is scheduled to reopen in Q2 2024, will have 699 rooms and suites, spectacular gourmet and lifestyle ideas, a Grand Living Room, and a Wellness Haven in the Orchard Road neighborhood, all of which will be tended to by a group of dependable associates.

The uniqueness of the tale (50%), public appeal (10%), and creative and artistic qualities of the following themes—local leisure activities, ways to recharge in nature, and sustainable activities—were used as the judging criteria for the finalists. The grand prize winner of a million World of Hyatt points can anticipate enriching experiences all around the world, including opulent spa treatments and gourmet indulgences at participating locations, in addition to up to 200 nights in standard rooms at Hyatt hotels and resorts around the world, with the option to redeem suite upgrades, subject to availability.

“Winning the Moments of More contest is an honor. I sincerely appreciate my family and friends’ votes and comments, which helped to make my entry better. There were a lot of beautiful entries, which made the competition fierce. I’m also impressed by how professionally some of the content was written, especially by my fellow finalists. Joseph Tng, Moments of More grand prize winner, stated, “I’m looking forward to using my one million World of Hyatt points with incredible stays at Grand Hyatt Singapore and other gorgeous Hyatt hotels around the world.”

When the renovated Grand Hyatt Singapore reopens in the following year, the four finalists will get a two-night overnight retreat and a room credit for an in-house experience valued at SGD 600.

Source- Travel daily


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