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GuestCast named In-room Entertainment Solution of the Year by 2023 TravelTech Breakthrough Awards

GuestCast named In-room Entertainment Solution of the Year by 2023 TravelTech Breakthrough Awards

Recognised for satisfying guests’ requests for a user-friendly, immediately personalised, and secure in-room entertainment experience is an innovative video streaming system created specifically for hotels.

Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service supplier of internet services and solutions for the hospitality sector, has announced that their GuestCast streaming solution has won a TravelTech Breakthrough Award. Because of its cutting-edge functionality and design, GuestCast won the award for best in-room entertainment system of the year, showcasing the most advanced industry solutions for meeting the needs of contemporary hotel guests.

The annual TravelTech Breakthrough Awards program’s goal is to perform the most thorough research and evaluation of the leading technology firms, solutions, and goods available in the travel technology sector right now. More than 1,250 submissions from more than 12 different nations were submitted for this year’s programme. The ability of GuestCast to guarantee easy and uncomplicated engagement, especially for first-time users or visitors inexperienced with content casting technology, is crucial to its selection over competing options. In contrast to other platforms, GuestCast’s device-pairing process is as simple as scanning a QR code and avoids the possibility of visitors becoming frustrated. Other systems frequently need guests to perform a number of challenging processes in order to link their personal devices to a guestroom TV. Due to the fact that hotels routinely host visitors from all over the world, GuestCast’s quick compatibility with tens of thousands of mobile streaming applications also makes sure that each visitor may tailor watching experiences to suit their particular interests.

Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services, said, “The hospitality industry has struggled to keep up with changing guest expectations when it comes to in-room entertainment. We are absolutely thrilled, then, that our peers recognise the tremendous value and potential that GuestCast represents in fully bridging this service gap. Countless hours of research and development went into creating GuestCast in order to create a system that replicates the personalisation and simplicity that guests experience while streaming from home. This resulted in GuestCast’s market-leading capabilities. As more travellers base their booking decisions on their ability to quickly and safely access their own multimedia streaming subscriptions, we are extremely pleased of the dedication and hard work of our team in developing a solution that meets current guest requirements.

“Meeting current visitor expectations requires experience personalisation, as many travellers base their booking decisions on the opportunity to quickly and safely access their own streaming subscriptions. The most recent improvements in customised in-room entertainment are available with GuestCast by Hotel Internet Services. “We’re happy to present them with the ‘In-room Entertainment Solution of the Year,'” stated Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of TravelTech Breakthrough Awards. Now, content-viewing preferences may be as varied as the demographics of a property’s visitors without compromising data security and privacy. Hoteliers may now further improve the comfort and experiences of their guests.

GuestCast guarantees confidence and trust while utilising the platform by combining additional security measures as a solution designed exclusively for the hotel guestroom. This includes removing worries about login and password theft as well as enhanced device isolation features that stop visitors from unintentionally casting video to TVs in adjacent bedrooms. GuestCast is also compatible with almost every television model and internet network now used by hotels, ensuring a smooth adoption process and hassle-free device administration.

The exceptional Analytics Dashboard that GuestCast offers is yet another distinguishing feature. Hoteliers may use the dashboard to check the health of each individual device from a single interface, ensuring constant high performance quality. In addition to providing meaningful real-time information into device usage trends, the GuestCast Analytics Dashboard also enables hotel operators to assess the effectiveness of in-room entertainment programmes. Additionally, hoteliers may use the Dashboard to keep an eye on the WiFi service quality in each guestroom, ensuring that any performance issues are swiftly found and fixed before having an impact on the experiences of the guests.

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