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International SOS introduces improved services for safe lodging.

International SOS introduces improved services for safe lodging.

The world’s top provider of health and security services, International SOS, is pleased to announce the introduction of an improved secure accommodation service, given the complexity of the travel environment today. This will assist clients in offering safe lodging options to traveling employees, which is a crucial part of a larger travel risk management plan in accordance with ISO 31030:2021. A customized workforce resilience subscription, round-the-clock support, professional consulting services, and a recently formed alliance with Safehotels—the world’s top hotel safety and security certification organization—are all part of International SOS’s expanded offering.

Businesses must now evaluate the safety and security of the lodging their traveling employees and assignees utilize because to rising travel rates, post-Covid limitations, and current geopolitical tensions. Although the majority of visits go off without a hitch, the rise in terrorism and attacks on hotels in recent years has brought attention to the significance of assessing the risks associated with lodging.

As a result, International SOS has greatly improved its ability to counsel companies on how to ensure the safety of their personnel while they are traveling, particularly with regard to its Hotel Security Advisor feature. The extensive experience and reliable evaluation process of International SOS in handling hotel incidents, including those in Mumbai, Bamako, Ouagadougou, and Jakarta. The combination of this and its capacity to operate in a range of high-risk locations globally puts International SOS in the best possible position to assist customers with accommodations.

In order to maximize the safety of travelers and assignees, rigorous screening and selection procedures should be followed, according to Laurent Fourier, CEO of Health & Security Subscription Services at International SOS. Business executives must have access to data about the best choices in the areas they have in mind, even if those sites are remote or dangerous. By offering a structured suite of secure accommodation services, including comprehensive and current intelligence on potential security or health threats, we are assisting our clients in mitigating any dangers to the security and wellbeing of their people.

The SOS Accommodation Services Ecosystem Enhanced International: 

Workforce Resilience Subscription: Organizations must have access to secure lodging choices for their foreign workers when making travel plans.

helps to increase worker health and happiness and fortifies the resilience of an organization

Access to Safehotels’ database as well as International SOS’s unique database of 1,100 hotels that has been examined and security assessed

Access to our digital learning portfolio for safe accommodation training*

With our Active Monitoring and Journey Management services, as well as the Tracker feature, you can keep an eye on real-time trip and lodging information.

 All the time. Support:  Organizations should confirm in advance of an international business trip that the lodging chosen is appropriate for the specific risk profile of the country and the traveler.

24/7 availability of secure, situation-specific lodging recommendations based on travel schedule and conditions

If you require any accommodations during an emergency or evacuation, see a security specialist.

Active monitoring and end-to-end journey management in high-risk areas 

Consultation: Security teams within organizations might benefit from comprehensive risk evaluations of hotels and the areas around them.

includes thorough research and field-based risk assessments of certain hotels in relation to a journey, occasion, or task.

access to a specially created, thoroughly screened hotel database based on operating locations

physical evaluations and recommendations for accommodations tailored to each assignee’s profile

 Collaboration with Safehotels: bringing further expertise and understanding of impartial, field-based evaluations of hotel security, safety, and hygiene.

The UNISDR and the ICCA recognize their independently developed standards, which attest to the cleanliness, hygiene, safety, and security of hotels at the Standard, Premium, and Executive accreditation levels.

thorough evaluations of hotel property security and safety, personnel training, fire and security systems, crisis management, and increased security for people in high-risk areas

Through this cooperation, clients will have access to a wider range of hotels that have been accredited for safety and security.

Source- Travel daily


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