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To protect the travel value chain, TMU Management is changing.

To protect the travel value chain, TMU Management is changing.

In an attempt to fully realize the potential of its varied portfolio, travel insurance company Trust My Group has announced the transformation of its TMU Management business into an independent corporation. 

Sami Doyle, a former group COO, has been named TMU Management’s chief executive officer as part of the transition. Co-founders of Trust My Group Will Plummer and Matt Bush will continue to serve as the organization’s CEO and CTO, respectively, and will concentrate their efforts on the expansion of the company in addition to the introduction of a new business division later this year. In the meantime, Trust My Travel, which has introduced its new Package Travel Protection strategy, has appointed Karen King as General Manager.

TMU Management, a data-driven insurance intermediary that was established in 2022, protects the travel value chain and enables modernized credit-risk insurance products via the use of unique technologies.

Doyle Sami

“In just one year, TMU Management has grown from an idea to a thriving, independent business,” stated Sami Doyle, CEO of TMU Management. The consistent support and knowledge of the larger Trust My Group have been crucial to us during this process, helping to launch the brand and put us on a course for stable growth.

As we commence this new phase, we are well-positioned to strengthen our dedication to providing tailored, comprehensive risk management and mitigation solutions to the travel sector and other related businesses. I’m excited to lead TMU Management toward specialized growth, encourage creativity, and create long-lasting bonds with both our partners and our esteemed clientele.

TMU Management uses real-time data, sophisticated analytics, and other mitigation techniques that are already in use in particular industries to enable insurance products that meet the needs of their clients and endure through alleged “boom-and-bust” cycles.

The startup aims to break the cycle of insurance companies servicing just travel-related sectors during expansion and ignoring them during recessions.

Regardless of the macro environment, TMU Management’s always improving reporting capabilities enable it to give insurers precise insights into specific businesses and create customized solutions that reassure them.

The patented technology developed by TMU, which is intended to interface directly with insurance markets and policyholders, is the backbone of this novel method. It guarantees that precise, data-driven risk decision-making can supplant conventional insurance procedures.

Source- Travel daily


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