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MOD's PINK celebration.

MOD’s PINK celebration.

This season, celebrate the most alluring colours. Pink manages to capture the essence of this particular MOD Design Event in all its dazzling exuberance, timeless whimsy, and glitz.

This season, MOD is focusing on its New Versailles Wedding as a way to celebrate the captivating power of pink. For the Lootah family’s exclusive and opulent wedding, a grandiose building modelled after the legendary Palace of Versailles was built.

The narrative is continued inside this ivory building with a ceiling that was hand-covered in blossoming gypsum that flowed outward and merged into the custom columns with curving arches. From the fresh peonies on the coffee tables to the delicious sweets that seem to have come directly from Marie Antoinette’s royal patisserie, the event space is decorated in wavy tones of pink.

While the custom-built structure that covered 17,000 square feet was hand-built at The Lootah’s family property involved on-site experts, builders, architects, and more to create an unforgettable architectural spectacle, the New Versailles ceiling that echoed waves of pink contained over eight million stems of gypsum, delicately dried, and hand-painted to embody the theme of the evening. Hand-crafted Parisian crystal chandeliers were also located inside the gleaming building, and they all reflected and mirrored light across the pink interiors in the finest crystal. The adaptability of this distinctive shade of PINK ultimately reflected the fusion of Parisian sensibilities and Arabian extravagance, which is what truly set this event apart.

With never-before-seen peeks at mood boards, colour swatches, and intricate photographs that reflect the event’s complexity, we take a look behind the unusual process and creation of this project this week across our digital space. Pink is a feeling, not a colour.

Source: traveldailymedia

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