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Months after launch, Bonza discontinues unpopular flights

Six months after its launch in Queensland, Australia’s newest low-cost carrier, which aims to connect remote areas, has cut the frequency of many flights and eliminated others.

A Queensland-based airline that operates out of the Sunshine Coast has said it will eliminate five regional routes in response to passenger concerns about flight disruptions.

Through Toowoomba Wellcamp, they link the Sunshine Coast to Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Tamworth, Cairns, Mackay, and the Whitsunday Coast.

Chief Commercial Officer Carly Povey announced on Thursday that “We are reducing some routes by one weekly flight.” There are now only 22 options.

Every week, a new service will be offered between the Sunshine Coast and Port Macquarie, Albury, and Melbourne (Avalon). These are just three of the many effective routes.

On August 1, 2023, the new adjustments will become effective. An alternative itinerary or a full refund will be offered to customers who have already booked tickets for the cancelled routes.

Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza, stated that the company’s goal was to “change the aviation environment for the better – for the many, not just the few,” when the airline first flew in January from the Sunshine Coast.

Even Ms. Povey acknowledged that “not everyone has had a good experience.”

She underlined the importance of looking into plane delays and cancellations.

While airlines frequently change their schedules, Bonza has never changed its frequency or itineraries. According to the company, it “wants to be transparent around the changes and why we feel they are really important to deliver on customer commitment.”

The airline’s four planes will operate fewer flights, according to Ms. Povey, “so we have a buffer when things don’t go as planned.”

Second, “by focusing on routes that are performing very well, we are also taking decisive action by going where the demand is and, in turn, setting Bonza up for the long haul — because competition in the airline industry is a good thing and the demand for Bonza is clear.”

She suggested that a fair sale would take place between the end of October 2023 and the beginning of April 2024.

We’re also planning to build a third base, which will open up new employment opportunities and open up new routes to both current and future locations, she continued.

Source- Travel daily

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