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The keynote for the 2023 state of the European cruise industry has been announced by Seatrade Europe

The keynote for the 2023 state of the European cruise industry has been announced by Seatrade Europe.

The expected 2023 State of the European Cruise Industry Keynote lineup and details of its conference programme are released by Seatrade Europe – Cruise and River Cruise Convention, the bi-annual event for the European cruise and river cruise community. Hamburg, Germany will host the gathering of 300+ cruise executives, 250+ exhibitors, and destinations from September 6–8, 2023.

The three-day conference will begin on September 6, 2023, with an electrifying keynote session that will bring together influential cruise executives from throughout Europe for a conversation motivated by the conference theme of Scaling Sustainably. The stimulating discussion, which will be centred on the future of the cruise industry and cover current market conditions, predicted growth trends, and how the sector can carve a path to continuous growth, will be moderated by Mary Bond, Group Director of Seatrade Cruise.

After a protracted absence, Seatrade Cruise is excited to return to Europe and bring the cruise community together at Seatrade Europe, according to Chiara Giorgi, global brand and event director. The event’s main issue, Scaling Sustainably, will be the focus of conversations led by an outstanding group of business leaders. The keynote panel will act as an engaging catalyst to start discussions on what lies ahead as the cruise industry keeps evolving and growing.

The State of the European Cruise Industry Keynote will be held on September 6, 2023, from 9:30 to 11:00.

The conference schedule for Seatrade Europe will go in-depth on how the major cruise industry participants are collaboratively navigating towards a sustainable future. Participants can choose from a lineup of panel discussions, talks, and workshops that address important subjects related to scaling sustainably, such as:

increasing operational efficiency Shoreside Itinerary Evolution

Destinations in Development

Taking Advantage of Stakeholder Relations

Taking Advantage of Technology

Managing ESG Goals Across the Industry

In conjunction with content partners and supporters River Cruise Europe & IG Rivercruise, Seatrade Europe will host a dedicated River Cruise Day on Thursday, September 7. The full-day programme will highlight the river cruise market and feature major industry participants, including operators, charterers, suppliers, and destinations that will shape river cruising in Europe and beyond.

The programme provides a chance to learn more about river cruising, with discussions focusing on the distinctions between river and ocean cruising as well as what makes river cruise lines and their destinations special. Participants can anticipate learning about the current situation for river cruising in Europe and the forecast from professionals in the field on navigating the future for sustainable growth.

 Source- Travel daily

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