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Prepare yourself for a festive occasion at the event titled "Cruise Control 4.0" hosted by Cordelia Cruises

Prepare yourself for a festive occasion at the event titled “Cruise Control 4.0” hosted by Cordelia Cruises.

Cordelia Cruises is pleased to announce the much anticipated return of “Cruise Control 4.0,” the largest cruise festival in Asia. Set against the captivating scenery of the Arabian Sea, the forthcoming iteration of this event guarantees an unparalleled fusion of luxury, music, and amusement, showcasing the remarkable Canadian musician, Shubh, as the main performer.

Get ready to go on a remarkable musical journey as Shubh assumes a prominent role in the event known as “Cruise Control 4.0.” Shubh, known for consistently generating successful works, is anticipated to make a significant impact from September 23rd to 25th, captivating audiences with a memorable and exhilarating performance.

The event known as “Cruise Control 4.0” offers a compelling experience of auditory and visual delight. It showcases the talents of various musicians, including Shubh, “Bismil Ki Mehfil,” and other esteemed performers. During a span of two invigorating days, Cordelia Cruises will undergo a remarkable metamorphosis into a vibrant center of musical and dance performances, enhanced by stunning vistas from the cabins, mesmerizing sunsets, and dynamic rhythms that will resonate much beyond the culmination of the event.

With a substantial following of 2.79 million subscribers on YouTube, Shubh has undeniably made a significant effect on the music industry. The inaugural musical compilation, entitled “Still Rollin,” attained a remarkable feat by amassing a total of 100 million streams on the popular music streaming platform, Spotify, during a span of less than two months. The artist’s significant impact on a global scale is seen through his remarkable achievement of topping the charts in the UK Asian and UK Punjabi genres, as well as the esteemed Official New Zealand Chart.

I am greatly delighted and filled with anticipation to get the opportunity to present a performance in India for the very first time. Shubh expressed his anticipation for an enduring experience as he observed the enthusiastic audience engaging with his musical compositions at the distinctively unprecedented event titled “Cruise Control 4.0”. He acknowledged the overwhelming affection received from the nation, further emphasizing the remarkable nature of the fans’ response.

The Cruise Control 4.0 system serves as a demonstration of our steadfast dedication to providing incomparable experiences. We are pleased to introduce this fourth edition, which holds the potential to redefine the parameters of entertainment. Jurgen Bailom, President and CEO of Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd, Cordelia Cruises, remarked that Cordelia Cruises has always played a significant role in the formation of cherished memories. With the introduction of ‘Cruise Control 4.0,’ the company is positioned to enhance this tradition to unparalleled levels.

The highly anticipated fourth edition of the renowned cruise festival, “Cruise Control 4.0,” is set to return following three previous spectacular mid-sea events. We are delighted to announce the upcoming iteration of this grand festival. The upcoming journey promises to be an exhilarating experience, with a continuous 48-hour music program, captivating performances by highly skilled artists, visually stunning displays, and an unparalleled atmosphere. According to Karan Singh, CEO of Sunburn, Percept Limited, the last edition of the event attracted 2000 party enthusiasts. Singh further asserts that the next journey holds the potential to surpass the previous edition in terms of its remarkable nature.

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